Here is Some Tips of How to love ourselves better.Feel free to use them all or just some.

Praise yourself

Grab a piece of paper, make the effort of defining what you LIKE in yourself in the following fields:


physical - define 3 things; your face,your hair, etc.

emotional - generous, hard-working, sentimental... anything.

abilities - good handwriting, well organized, fast learner... anything.

 Each morning after breakfast and each evening before you go to bed, look at yourself in the mirror, look deeply into your eyes, and remind you of those 9 things. Praise them. Remember and Celebrate that there are AT LEAST 9 things.


Change "yes buts" for "yes ands"

Somebody praises you, your look for fault to counteract the positive. For example, someone says something nice, you will think "yes, but even it looks OK today, it's usually horrible,"Turn your "yes buts" for "yes ands". Each time you hear OR THINK something negative, please repeat a "yes, and that means I need to try that on'.or anything else leads the thinking process on a positive note.


Value your actions

Feel grateful. Every evening, think of 3 things you did right. Value your work or your contribution. Celebrate those good deeds and congratulate yourself for them. Feel grateful for everything that let you being a good man.Gratitude is very powerful to make our brains release dopamine, reducing anxiety, improves our mood and our energy and motivation.


Give yourself hope

At night, after feeling grateful for what you did, give yourself permission to positive dream. If a negative thought tries to enter your mind, make the conscious effort to replace it.

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