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2022 Hair Trends: 6 New Styles to Try In This Year

2022 Hair Trends: 6 New Styles to Try In This Year

Every year new hair trends pop up, either urging us to try something completely daring with our hairstyles or find something true and tested from the good old days. Whether you end up going outside the box or turning back the clock, we’ve got the inside scoop on the hot wig looks of 2022. Check out our it-list of the most beautiful wig trends in store for you this year.


Ali Grace has gorgeous high-quality wigs for any hairstyle; we also provide pre-styled wigs which make hitting the mark with trends an easy task! Currently, we are having an amazing sale, offering up to 60% off our wigs!


Highlighted Water Wave Wigs

Taking the effortlessly beautiful water waves from celebrities like Janet Jackson and Beyoncé, and combining them with ultra-modern highlights, this look is an absolute must-have in 2022. Keep your highlights in natural tones like brown, copper, auburn, or blonde for a touch of elegance.



Pixie Cuts

If they ever left, pixie cuts are back and more pretty than ever! This time around, there are no rules when it comes to heat styling - opt for natural looking waves and curls for an easy-going look or make your cut blunt and pin-straight for a more edgy style. If you want to make the easiest decision of your life, opt for purchasing a pre-styled pixie cut wig. At the moment, we are offering an extra 6$ off all our short bob wigs; enter code: BOB at checkout to take advantage of this deal!



Go to Extreme Lengths

Although short pixie cuts are going to be all the rage, so is the opposite end of the spectrum, extremely long hair! Luscious lengths will always look gorgeous, as long as your wig looks healthy, full, and natural. Opt for a HD lace wig, to ensure a realistic hairline and seamless blend with your real hair.



The 80s called and luckily they don’t want their headbands back! This is one of the easiest styles of the minute; install a headband wig that matches your outfit or a vibrant headband wig that makes you stand-out, and you will look like an effortless Queen.



Bold Burgundy

One of the trendiest hair colors this year is a bold burgundy. This deep and rich tone exudes confidence and envibes creative power, which is exactly what 2022 will need from you. Check out our selection of color wigs in order to achieve this daring look without harming your natural hair!




Go Natural

One of the most popular hairstyles for the past few years remains on the list this year, embracing a completely natural hair texture! As we move forward into more acceptance and love this year, we look forward to seeing more women rock a kinky curly do! Our 100% human hair wigs will achieve this hair texture absolutely beautifully!




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