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Can a Full Lace Wig be tired into a High Ponytail?

Can a Full Lace Wig be tired into a High Ponytail?

Can a Full Lace Wig be tired into a High Ponytail?


When you are purchasing a specific type of wig, it is best to keep in mind the different types of hairstyles that you prefer to wear. Essentially, since every type of wig has a different size and location of base, each has specific hairstyles that are achievable. Likewise, this means that depending on the type of wig you pick, you may not be able to complete certain ones. At Ali Grace, we want to ensure that you pick the type of wig that will give you as much freedom as you need in this regard. We have a large selection of different types of wigs for you to choose from, including lace front wigs, 360 lace wigs, closure wigs, and lace part wigs.


Particularly, a full lace wig or a 360 lace wig allows the most versatility when it comes to hairstyles. You can have free flowing hair, side parts, fishtail braids, French braids, low pigtails, low ponytails, low buns, high ponytails, and top knots. With other types of wigs such as a lace front wig, closure wig, or lace part wigs, you cannot achieve a high ponytail, bun, or knot.


With any wig, full lace wig or 360 lace wig, achieving a high ponytail is not as simple as it is with real hair. It is important to follow special steps in order to create the perfect ponytail. For your convenience, the Ali Grace team has composed the following checklist:

  1. Braid your hair: The first step to any successful wig installation is to create a smooth and even base, ensuring a natural-looking wig. You can choose most patterns of how you would like to wear your braids, as a full lace cap will cover your whole head.
  2. Brush your wig out to make sure it is free from tangles and knots.
  3. Apply your cap: Cleanse your forehead line, place your cap properly, apply your glue, and thoroughly dry it with a blow-dryer on cool. When you are ready to apply the back of the cap, carefully apply the glue, smooth down the lace, and blow-dry on cool. A proper installation is essential for a high ponytail, as you want a secure and stable base.
  4. Apply a mousse: This will make your hair easier to work with.
  5. Brush all hair to the crown of your head.
  6. Gather up all your hair near the crown, center it, and secure it with a soft hair tie: It is a good idea to use soft hair ties as clips or hard hair ties can cause hair breakage, especially when strands are pulled with tension like in the high ponytail hairstyle.
  7. Style your ponytail as you prefer: You may wish to pull out a strand and wrap it around the hair tie or you may wish to leave as is for a truly 80’s look.
  8. Work on the edges: The key to any polished look is to style your hairline and make sure the edges are exactly how you like them. Use hairspray to secure the look!



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