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Flaunt It: 5 Fun and Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Bundles

Flaunt It: 5 Fun and Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Bundles

Flaunt It: 5 Fun and Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Bundles

When you order your hair bundles, we know how impatient and excited you are to receive your package! While you wait, you may wish to dream of all the ways you can style your bundles with closure or your bundles with frontal. After all, there are so many different, fun, and easy ways you can change up your look! Follow along to learn some of the ways our most style-savvy team members choose to elevate their looks.


Perfect Curls

At Ali Grace, we only choose the highest-quality real human hair, and ensure we offer high-grade selections so that you know your hair will all respond to styling similarly. This is an excellent reason to try your hand at heat-free curls. Whether you use traditional rollers or want to try your hand at the viral sock method, you can easily achieve perfect curls with bundles. Just make sure to curl while the hair is damp to make sure the style sets. When the hair dries, apply some coconut oil to your fingertips and run through the curls for a soft, glamorous look.


Low Ponytail

A low ponytail, especially with long lengths, may be something you don’t think of as “stylish” but with a little extra care, it can be! Just make sure to pull pieces from the crown to create volume!


Mermaid Waves

Ready for the perfect, carefree beachy look for summer? Just braid your bundles when they are damp and leave them to dry. Unbraid them, tussle lightly, and voila! Quick, easy, and super cute!


Low Braids

Braids are incredibly difficult to do with bundles, usually! Yet, there’s an easy and fun way to make low braids. All you need to do is leave hair hanging in front of your face, framing your pretty desires. Pull two low pigtails back making sure to leave loose pieces, acting to cover any evidence of closure and to make it whimsical. Then start braiding from the nape of your neck down into two messy braids. Perfect!


Vintage Waves

A very loose wave adds a little dimension to your hair and makes you look ready for summer fun! Simply curl your hair as with the Perfect Curls guidelines and then brush through the hair quickly, add some shine, and you’ve achieved a lovely look. You’ll have very loose, soft, shiny waves throughout your hair.


Remember: Remember heat can damage your human hair. It is important to keep heat styling to a minimum, or not at all. If you do plan to use a curler or a straightener, make sure you use a heat protectant and use a low or cool heat setting.


Bonus Tip: You can expect your style to wash out easily with your weekly maintenance schedule. In this way, you can switch up your style regularly just as you would with natural hair.



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