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Gift Buying Guide: Buying a Wig for your Girlfriend

Gift Buying Guide: Buying a Wig for your Girlfriend

Gift Buying Guide: Buying a Wig for your Girlfriend


This year, you’ve decided you are going to purchase a gift that your girlfriend will really love, and actually use for her birthday or your anniversary or just a special gift to say you love and appreciate her. Now, you’re on the hunt for what that gift could possibly be and you’ve thought of the fact that she’s mentioned she wishes she could have gorgeous long hair or switch up her hairstyle from time to time. You’ve come to the right place! At Ali Grace, you can browse through our complete collection of premium quality, affordable wigs and select one that your girlfriend is certain to fall in love with.


Fortunately, our experts at Ali Grace aren’t going to just leave you to fend for yourself on this challenging endeavor. We’ve compiled a brief, yet thorough, gift giving guide to make your experience that much easier, ensuring that you choose a beautiful wig for your partner.


1 ) Know The Elements of a Beautiful Wig

If you are purchasing a wig for the first time, the experience can be intimidating. Your first point of order is to understand that there are certain features of a wig that you cannot neglect to evaluate; type of hair and wig base are these crucial elements.


When considering the type of hair, you have the choice between synthetic hair and human hair. If you are trying to impress your girlfriend and purchase a gift she will absolutely fall in love with, you should opt for human hair. At Ali Grace, our human hair wigs are high grade, 100% virgin hair which means it has never been touched by chemicals. Secondly, you must choose a wig base; any lace wig base is certain to be a favorite as they are soft and lightweight, transparent and natural-looking. Moreover, if she often keeps her hair loose or in a low ponytail, you can generally opt for any type of lace base. However, if she keeps it in a high ponytail or top knot, you will need a 360 lace wig.


2) Choose A Lovely Hairstyle and Color

When you are choosing a hairstyle, hair length, hair color, and density, you may wish to look at your girlfriend’s favorite celebrities, music artists, or top-liked Instagram influencers. Typically, you can gain insight into her style inspirations in these ways. You may be able to pick up a hairstyle that is incredibly similar to the way the stars wear their hair. Furthermore, you could also simply  ask her how she would do her hair if the sky was the limit and money was not a restraint; in this way, you can get all the answers you need without alerting her to the fact you may be buying her a wig!


3) Take Her Measurements

Although this is the most difficult part of the task, you must get a precise measurement of her head in order to choose the proper wig base measurement. If your girlfriend already wears wigs, that should be easy enough. On the other hand, if she does not wear wigs or does not have one where you can measure it, you could measure her head with a tailoring tape while she sleeps or by trying on different hats.


All in all, you should be able to find your girlfriend the perfect wig, especially considering our amazing selection and affordable prices!



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