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How to Choose the Right Hair Bundle for Your Style

How to Choose the Right Hair Bundle for Your Style

How to Choose the Right Hair Bundle for Your Style

With lace frontals and lace closures, you can add hair bundles to fully cover your hair and add fullness. At Ali Grace, we offer many different types of hair bundles so that you can choose the right one for your needs and finish off your style flawlessly. If you are new to face frontals, lace closures, or bundles in general, you may not know which one to choose. In this short guide, we will help you decide which one is the absolute best fit for you.


Which Hair Bundles Does Ali Grace Offer?
At Ali Grace, we are proud to offer the following packages:


What Type of Hair Should I Choose for My Bundles?

There are three main types of hair to choose from for your hair bundles: Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian. If you have already purchased a frontal or closure, you should opt for the hair type that matches the one on your lace wig. Likewise, if you are planning to include any of your natural hair mixed in with the wig or bundle hair, it is important that you match your hair texture with that chosen. However, if you are interested in full coverage, the world is your oyster. Want hair that is thick and coarse? Go for Brazilian. If you want silky, smooth, and easily stylable, Peruvian and Malaysian are excellent choices.


How Many Bundles Should I Buy?

It depends on your hair length and thickness! For short, or bob-type hair, you will need at least two bundles and for long hair, you need more than three bundles. If you have super long lengths, 22 inches or more, you may need 8-12 bundles (two to three sets of four).


Additionally, if you have shorter hair and want a fuller look, opt for a third bundle. If you have longer hair and want a fuller look, add on three more bundles.

What Lengths Should I Choose For My Bundles?

If you have straight, blunt-cut hair, you may wish to choose hair of all similar lengths. Most of our clients choose a layered look, opting for different lengths in ascending order. Layered looks will provide your hair with more volume, make your hair look more natural, and highlight your face in a flattering way.


Should My Closure or Frontal Be Longer than My Bundles?

Your closure or frontal length corresponds with your bundle lengths. Therefore, if you want a very even look, you can choose bundles that are similar in length. If you want a layered look, you can choose varying lengths.


If I Have A Larger Head than Average, Should I Choose More Bundles?

One of the factors that you should account for when selecting the number of bundles is the size of your head. If you have an average or small head, you can follow the general guidelines for bundles. If you have a larger head, you should add 1-2 more bundles to ensure full coverage.



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