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Opps! 5 Mistakes to Avoid while Removing Hair Extensions

Opps! 5 Mistakes to Avoid while Removing Hair Extensions

At Ali Grace, being experts in the hair business, we have heard and seen a great many horror stories concerning hair extensions. Hair extensions can be absolutely beautiful, shiny, and silky if they are installed professionally, maintained, and cared for well. It is also imperative that they are removed with precision and care, such that your extensions do not cause any considerable damage to your natural hair or scalp.


Unfortunately, in many cases, women do not have the time or energy to do any of these important tasks. If they leave their hair extensions in without maintaining or caring for them properly, they become incredibly tangled and matted. Moreover, if they attempt to remove them too quickly or without care, they break their natural hair or pull out their natural hair. Let’s look at the five common mistakes women make when removing hair extensions and how you can avoid them!


Not De-Matting or De-Tangling

If you have not taken care of your hair extensions properly, unfortunately the process of taking out your hair extensions may be way longer than usual. You may have to dematt and detangle your hair, especially near where the extensions are taped or sewn. If it is too far gone, you may need to invest in professional help. If not, you run the risk of pulling out your natural hair.


Using the Wrong Adhesive Remover for Tape In Extensions

If you have glued or taped in extensions, using the wrong adhesive remover can not only cause your extension removal process to be longer than it needs to be, it can damage your natural hair. The right adhesive remover should specifically remove tape-in extensions and the residue. It should also be listed as safe for skin and hair.


Not Investing in Professional Help

If you have bonded extensions or sewn-in extensions, you need to visit a professional in order to get them taken out. In some cases, you can have a professional walk you through the removal process if they cannot see you in person. You will also need a precise set of tools and products that only hairstylists or qualified professionals will have.


Not Rinsing Your Hair After Removal

After you remove your hair extensions, it is extremely important to wash and rinse your hair thoroughly. If there is any remaining residue from tape-in extensions, you will be able to remove it with a clarifying shampoo. Furthermore, since your natural hair sheds regularly, you may have built up shedded hair or matts that need to be brushed out.


Not Performing the Proper Aftercare

Your natural hair will need a deep-conditioning treatment or mask to repair any damage that was done by having the extensions in, taking the extensions out, or any prolonged improper maintenance and care. If you can, you can visit a professional hairstylist to ask for specific recommendations that correspond with your natural hair type and the type of extensions you had in your hair.



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