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Review of AliGrace Lace Wigs

Review of AliGrace Lace Wigs

Review of AliGrace Lace Wigs


If you are looking for a genuine, comprehensive review of Ali Grace lace wigs, look no further. We enlisted the help of a fashion-savvy young lady, Layla, to provide us with an unbiased, real-time review of our lace wigs. We sent her a package with our Ali Grace Straight Bob Lace Front Wig and our Ali Grace Body Wave Brown Highlight Lace Closure Wig. Interested in seeing her impressions? Follow along below with her review!


I was so happy when Ali Grace contacted me to send me a couple of their lace wigs to review. Lately, I had been browsing different wig websites in order to find a lace wig retailer with high-quality products, so their offer came just at the right time. I immediately went on their website to select two lace wigs!


One of my favorite styles for wigs is a straight bob. My natural hair is kinky curly, and it takes forever to straighten and it never retains the style for long. Rather than getting it chemically straightened, I prefer to opt for a wig. Naturally, this was my first choice for an Ali Grace wig. Body waves are so super glamorous right now, and the brown highlights looked really attractive, so I also chose a body wave wig with light brown highlights running through the lengths.


I only needed to wait four days to receive my package, which was incredible. I'm used to waiting several months for other retailers to send me my products overseas. When I received my package, I noticed how Ali Grace took great care to make sure my wigs didn’t get damaged in the mail.


As soon as I took out the wigs, I knew they were high-quality. They were soft and silky to the touch, unlike synthetic hair wigs. When I picked them up to inspect them, I noticed no hair came off the wig or was left in the packaging. I was surprised by this as it is very common with other wig retailers. I took this as a good sign, as to me, it shows they put care into its construction.


When handling the wigs, I had to be careful with the lace base as the lace was very fine. I am used to more sturdy wigs that you can toss around, but I know with lace wigs, you need to take care not to rip the fine material. I think it was easy to handle, as they are so light, that you intuitively know to be gentle.


Styling and installing were really easy, unlike other types of wigs. Ali Grace seems to already do a lot of the work for you, which I really appreciated. I didn’t need to pluck the hairline or place baby hairs to make it look natural.


The lace closure took a little more work than the lace frontal, although that is to be expected with any brand. Lace closures aren’t exactly simple. Yet, the results on both are amazing. I have to say, these may be the best lace wigs I have ever had the chance to wear. The lace allows for a great hairline, blending easily with my skin tone. The hair falls amazingly on my shoulders, both with the straight bob and the body wave. They are also super comfortable, which I knew was a feature of lace wigs but… these are really something else! There was no tension or heaviness in my head at all.


I can’t wait to wear these out and I’m sure I will get compliments from my friends. The hair is so shiny and smooth, and the texture and color are beyond flawless. I’m really happy!



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