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What do you know about human hair lace wigs?

What do you know about human hair lace wigs?

Nowadays, the market says real hair, how to determine whether it is real hair? Human hair and there are many categories, how can you spend money to buy their favorite wig? Here I give you an introduction to the raw materials of wigs.

  • human hair
  • synthetic wigs
  • animal hair

human hair

Real human hair is divided into different sources: Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Burmese hair, Mongolian hair, Vietnamese hair, European hair, etc…

Among them, India’s raw material human hair occupies the largest proportion and is the cheapest, while Russian human hair is the closest to the European and American market hair quality requirements, quality and price are also relatively high.

Chinese hair

Chinese hair

Chinese hair is currently the largest amount of raw materials used to make wigs hair, China’s large population, the hair is relatively hard and coarse, over acid treatment can bleach and dye, decorated to the head can then be styled.

Indian hair

Indian hair

Indian hair is softer, hair quality is not as straight as Chinese hair, there are small wavy volume, hair chemical processing is easy to break, plasticity is not strong.

European hair

European hair

European hair color is closer to the local consumer market, is currently the most expensive raw materials, European hair is softer, not suitable for bleaching and dyeing and post-processing, directly used for hair extensions more.

Human hair is divided into Remy human hair and non-Remy human hair

 Remy human hair and non-Remy human hair

The hair is cut from a person’s head braid hair (of course, just to use an analogy) the hair scales are facing the same direction, like fish scales are in the same direction. Whereas the scales of bubble hair are disorganized… Due to the more expensive raw materials for real hair, so real hair wig is a more expensive kind of wig. The smooth hair is especially expensive.

In determining the quality of the wig when we mainly look at the raw materials, followed by the magnitude, the so-called magnitude refers to the length of the hair length. In short: if a hair curtain from top to bottom all the way down if the top is thick, the bottom is thin, then the magnitude is poor. So different amplitude that is the material used when the grade is different, the price is also different. In addition, is to see the smoothness and feel of the hair.

Real hair classification

Real hair products can be classified into braided hair, smooth hair and bubble hair according to the process of treatment and source of raw materials.

Primary cutting

also known as original braided hair, original cut hair, virgin hair, scaled hair, is the original hair cut from the head of a young girl who has never been permed or dyed, and is the most expensive material in the hair material, retaining the scales of the hair itself, and the ends are not upside down.


is the hair that has been tidied up without reversing the roots.


hair is hair with roots (bubblehead) that falls out when combing, and the order of roots and ends is not consistent, so it needs to be treated with acid before use.

The hair of the file; file hair is processed hair arranged more neatly, but the quality is high and low, mainly refers to the proportion of long hair contained in the hair handle.

How to distinguish between soaked and smooth hair

If a single from the appearance of the identification of foam and smooth hair, has been completely impractical, so the above identification methods, I do not agree. To sum up a phrase: “a look at two touch three feel”.

1.Look at the appearance

the appearance of smooth hair with scales, and generally not over acid treatment, but also without baking oil, the appearance of the sometimes slightly dull, soak hair after multiple processing, the appearance of shiny.


from the head to the tail, very smooth, from the tail to the head, some rough, generally is smooth hair. Foam hair to remove the scales after, no matter how you touch, basically not knotted, will appear smooth, which is why foam hair is popular, looking for a girlfriend first impression is very good, often lasting to go to a piece is not much. rolleyes


Feel its softness, feel its elasticity, feel its moistness. (This is to slowly refine your internal strength Oh!)

The processing of smooth hair

The process of hair treatment is similar to that of soaking, except that most of them omit the acid treatment procedure. I won’t go into details here.

Scope of use

Because of the impact of raw material prices, pure hair to make the finished product and their target price gap is very large, so the demand is not very high, after all, the rich will always account for a minority, so the scope of use is not widespread, and for the needs of customers, we can only be understood to give them a psychological comfort.


synthetic wigs

synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs, i.e. fiber made from natural or synthetic polymer materials, processed by chemical or physical methods.

Synthetic wigs is divided into: Japanese yarn, Korean yarn and domestic yarn according to the main origin.

Synthetic wigs yarn is divided into: high-temperature yarn and low-temperature yarn according to the degree of heat resistance.

High-temperature silk is resistant to high temperatures above 170 degrees, hair shiny, smooth, easy to shape.

Low-temperature wire has low brightness, natural effect, and finer and lighter hair.

Mixed products of human hair and Synthetic wigs, i.e. mixed products, combine the durable and realistic characteristics of human hair and the advantages of chemical fiber without deformation, and are widely used in headgear and hair block products.

synthetic wigs country

by country, in China, chemical fiber has domestic silk, Korean silk, Japanese silk three, different hair directly determine the feel, luster, quality, durability of the wig, of course, the three hair prices vary greatly.

a). The price of domestic silk in the three kinds of hair is the cheapest, suitable for wigs worn on the head of models or fan wigs.

b). The price of Korean silk is in the middle

c). The price of Japanese silk is the highest, the price of the same level of Japanese silk is more than three times the price of domestic silk, suitable for making real wigs.

At present, the hair silk produced by the Japanese company Kanikaren is recognized as the most suitable for the production of wigs. Whether it is the feel or gloss, very close to real hair, ultra-realistic. Lace wig hair is precisely the use of this hair, from the source to ensure the quality of wigs.

By type

Low-temperature wire

low-temperature wire for human hair curtain a filler, low-temperature wire can be heated to 80 degrees to maintain no deformation, the advantage of low-temperature wire is that you can do some exaggerated, high support for the modeling, reduce the cost of raw materials for human hair curtain. The disadvantage of low-temperature wire is flammable material, burning into lumps.

High-temperature wire

High-temperature wire can be heated at 200 degrees to maintain no deformation, the advantage of high-temperature wire is that you can freely perm straight hot roll, feel more comfortable, wear more natural. 80cm or more length recommended high-temperature wire, this wig deformation-prone high-temperature wire is easy to recover from, while low-temperature wire is more difficult.

Protein silk

is the closest to human hair raw materials, feel closest to human hair, commonly used in high-grade wig products as filler, and can automatically flame retardant after burning, in many countries, product restrictions, clear requirements, wig wire can be flame retardant, many countries have occurred in the tragedy caused by wig burning.

Animal hair

Animal hair

Mainly cattle hair ox hair, mohair, horsehair, etc…
Three kinds of raw materials products in the feel of the great difference: the feel of human hair is the best, real hair to do the wig is the choice of pure human hair made after processing, its high degree of realism, not easy to knot, you can bureau, dyeing, perm, convenient to change hair, higher prices, the qualitative effect is not too good. The next is chemical fiber (chemical fiber brighter), chemical fiber wigs are made of chemical fiber, poor realism, wear itchy feeling, easy to react with the scalp.

However, the price is cheap, long-lasting styling effect; but this chemical fiber for a long time to use the scalp has a metabolic hindrance, should not be used for a long time. The last is animal hair. Because the same weight of the hair curtain animal hair than real hair and chemical fiber significantly fluffy, followed by a different feel.

Of course, the difference between chemical fiber and animal hair is not very big. But in terms of price, animal hair is a little more expensive than chemical fiber. There is another kind of wig made from a mixture of the three or a mixture of the two.



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