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2022 New Trend Alert: Pixie Cut Short Bob is your Go-To Stylish Hairstyle

2022 New Trend Alert: Pixie Cut Short Bob is your Go-To Stylish Hairstyle

2022 New Trend Alert: Pixie Cut Short Bob is your Go-To Stylish Hairstyle


In 2022, you will see an eclectic array of trendy hair lengths, colors, and styles. Our secret intelligence sources always alert us to the top new styles appearing annually, and our team at Ali Grace is excited to debut one of the first ones we will see emerging in Spring 2022: the Pixie Cut Short Bob. This short hairstyle is a fantastic balance between the mid-1990’s low-maintenance look and contemporary fashion forwardness.


At Ali Grace, we know that it can be difficult to keep up with stylish types of wigs that may suit your own needs and preferences. That’s precisely why we offer such a wide selection of short bob wigs! We have over 20 different styles to choose from, allowing you to choose one that complements your beautiful style. You may wish to take advantage of our excellent promotion, giving up to 50% off short bob wigs. You can also combine this deal with any of our other current promotions, ensuring that your final price is super affordable.



Ultimately, a short bob or pixie cut means less hair to style. You will not have to spend hours taking your hair to perfection. Most women who opt for a short bob wig love the fact that they simply need to wash it every so often, and spend less than half an hour curling or straightening it to achieve their personal style.


Incredibly Versatile

Despite the fact that short hair wigs take a small amount of time to style, they are an excellent option for those who like to try different looks on a regular basis. Our Ali Grace selection of short bobs includes different lengths, colors, and textures. Furthermore, even with a simple dry shampoo, you can create a one-of-a-kind look to match your mood and outfit.


Timeless Look

Although the pixie is definitely making a strong comeback this year, if it is anything like the last few times it has become a trend, it will be here for years to say. A short bob or a pixie cut are considered timeless looks, since they regularly come back into look-books and fit with just about any personal style. They will always look chic.


Lightweight and Free

One of the major appeals to having a short hair wig is that they are lightweight and breathable. Whereas long hair or heavy hair can take a toll on your scalp and natural hair after a while, a short hairstyle is perfect to relieve pressure and feel comfortable all day and night.


Highlight your Stunning Facial Features

Pixie cuts are celebrated for bringing out and highlighting some of your more prominent facial features. This is precisely why so many models and celebrities opt for this hairstyle. In most cases, it will frame jawline, cheekbones, and eyes. You can even take the opportunity to try out a variety of makeup looks to really make your eyes, or other important features, truly stand out!



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