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Beautiful, thick, and long straight hair is one of the most classic hairstyles. It can be worn to match almost any type of outfit and will never go out of style. However, for many African American women, it is very difficult to maintain straight hair. Afro hair is naturally curly and making it presentable is often a tedious process. They may find themselves spending hours constantly re-wetting, moisturizing, brushing, and straightening their hair each day. No wonder so many black women have turned to wigs. By wearing a straight human hair wig, it is possible to maintain a stunning straight hair look with minimal effort. On a busy morning, roll out of bed and skip the hairstyling fuss – simply put on your wig and you are ready to go!

Straight Hair Wig

What are the different types of straight hair wigs?

Synthetic or human hair: Natural straight human hair wigs are created from real human hair. They look and feel like your own hair. Synthetic hair wigs are manufactured using artificial fibres that produce an overall appearance and feel of real hair. Since long straight wigs are voluminous, real human hair wigs tend to look healthier and more natural. The hair texture can also be matched to your own hair. With proper care, they last longer than synthetic wigs too. The drawback is their cost. These types of wigs can be more expensive. Certain high-quality synthetic wigs can be almost indifferentiable from real human hair wigs, but they also cost as much as human hair wigs.  

Wigs with or without bangs:  Straight long hair without bangs is a timeless hairstyle that anyone can wear.  Many people prefer this style over bangs for comfort reasons, especially if they wear glasses. That being said, adding bangs can be a fun way to freshen up the basic hairstyle. A well-trimmed face-framing fringe can complement your face shape and completely change your look. This is why straight hair with bangs is so popular. For example, if you have a round face, you can go for thick, side-swept bangs that are cut at a strong angle. If you have a square face, go for long, heavy bangs that hit below the eyebrow. Many straight wigs come with pre-styled bangs, so you can choose one that matches your face shape. You can also cut your own bangs on your wig if you cannot find one that suits your tastes. The best thing about is that if you change your mind on whether you want bangs, you can just switch up your wigs instead of going to a stylist.

Lace frontal wigs or lace closure wigs: Lace frontals and closures are both wigs that are composed of special hairpieces with straight human hair bundles sown onto them. The lace texture underneath the hairpieces creates a soft, natural hairline. The key difference between the two is the size and shape of the hairpiece. Closure pieces are typically 4x4 inch lace patches that are placed in the middle, frontal portion of your head. This covers the “horseshoe” zone in the centre. Frontal pieces are strips typically sized 13x4 inches and cover your full hairline from ear to ear. In general, frontal wigs are more versatile because you can part your hair in the front nearly every way, allowing for a range of different hairstyles. Because they cover your full hairline, frontal hairpieces are good options for people who suffer from receding hairlines. However, they are usually pricier than closure wigs.

Straight Hair Wig

How to take care of your straight hair wig?

To keep your straight wig looking full, natural, and fresh, it is important to engage in proper maintenance practices. A wig that is looked after properly will have increased longevity and a beautiful natural shine. Here are a couple of tips to maintain your straight hair wig.

Store your wig properly. On days you choose not to wear a wig, make sure it is stored appropriately. Keep your wig in a cool room away from direct sunlight. Use a humidifier to prevent your wig from drying out if you live in a low humidity environment. It is best to leave your wig on a mannequin head and cover it up with a light cloth to protect it from dust.

It is a good idea to have “off” days. Every wig has a lifespan. Over time, its colour will fade, threads will run, and overall appearance will slowly diminish. If you like wearing wigs every day, you may want to consider rotating your wigs so your wear each wig less often, thereby extending each wig’s lifespan.

Wash your wig, but not too often: As with your natural hair, washing too often can dry out your wig. This causes the wig to become dry, brittle, and frizzy. Wait a couple of days between washes to maintain your wig’s natural lustre.

Invest in wig care products: Not all shampoos and conditioners are designed for wigs. Certain hair care products can contain harsh chemicals such as sulphates and drying alcohols that can permanently damage your wig. Consider purchasing specialized wig care products to extend your wig’s life span.

Do not use too much heat. Any type of heat tool, including hair dryers or curling irons, may damage hair. This is true for wigs too. Your wig can also become dry, brittle, and lose its natural shine if you apply heat to it. If you want a wavy or curly look, you can purchase a pre-styled curly wig instead.

Never sleep or shower with your wig. Sleeping or showering with a wig can cause significant damage to it. Please take your wig off when you need to sleep or shower.

Straight Hair Wig

Where to buy straight hair wigs?

Looking for high-quality straight wigs with bangs or without bangs online? Aligrace hair is a great website to look into. Their coloured wigs are made out of 100% virgin human hair with hypoallergic swiss lace bases. There is a wide selection of colours and styles for straight hair wigs to match your tastes! Prices are cheap and affordable. There are always sales and coupons on the website to save you some cash. If you change your mind within 7 days after purchase, you can always return the wig with a full refund. Aligrace will offer you the best shopping experience for your dream wig.