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How many bundles needed with a closure?

If you are going to get an 8-14inches, you need 2 bundles, anywhere from 16-20 or 22 inches, you need 3 bundle deals, anything past that, you need 4 bundles. Water Wave Bundles with Lace Closure.

If you are getting long hair, you have to be very careful about the hair bundles amount, some people might think that I will just get 3 bundles of 24" and that's will be fine.

3 Bundles Deal

How many bundles do you need with a frontal?

Frontals are from ear to ear 13*4 lace frontal will cover more spaces than closure or leave out, so the hair amount you need will vary.

If you are getting a 10-18inches or 16 inches, 2 bundle deals with lace frontal will suffice. Hair length past 16 or 18 inches, I would suggest you getting 3 bundles, so from a 16inch, 18inch to about 22inch, 24inch, 3 bundles will suffice. Water Wave Bundles with Lace Frontal.

3 Bundles
For example, if you are having a frontal and your longest bundles is 24inches, you can get a frontal and 20" 22" 24" bundles and that should be good for a frontal sew-in.

We also have lace front closures with our Remy closures. Now, you will always get the most realistic look using a lace front closure. A lace front gives the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. Lace front closures can be attached by bonding, sewing, or clips. This is a choice that should be made by the purchaser, stylists, and/or both.

Whether you should use a closure or not depends on what look you are trying to achieve. Is a closure necessary for a full sewn-in weave? No, but typically a closure is used with a full sewn if you are not leaving any hair out; this will give you the most naturally looking style. Closures can also be used to create bangs!

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