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7 best wigs for black women

7 best wigs for black women

Almost every black woman has struggled with their hair.  There is no such thing as “wake up and go” – making Afro hair presentable is often a tedious process. You may find yourself constantly re-wetting, moisturizing, and brushing your curls to keep them looking healthy and full. Even when your hair is straight, you need to touch up your hair with a flatiron all the time, not to mention the straightening process itself may require up to two hours after washing and blow drying. That is why so many black women have turned to wigs. In a study done in 2015, up to 44% of black women have worn a weave in the past 6 months. Wigs offer irreplaceable practical value by saving time and money because it makes maintaining a stunning hairstyle effortless. It can give you a huge boost in confidence at an affordable cost. Purchasing the right wig is one of the best things you can do for your hair!

There are many options for wigs out on the market. Having many choices is good, but sometimes it can be too overwhelming. Check out our recommendations for the seven best wigs suitable for black women.

Human Hair for black woman

Natural wigs for black women

Natural wigs for black women

When you wear a wig, you do not want others to think that you are wearing one. In other words, natural looking is an important factor when choosing a wig. In general, there are two types of wigs: human hair and synthetic. 100% human hair wigs are pricier, but they look and feel like your own hair. Even when observed up close, a properly fitted natural wig will fool the observer into thinking that you were born with the hair. Often, the human hair chosen to make up your wig may even be finer than your natural hair. This is because, during the process of manufacturing a human hair wig, only high quality hair is selected. Hair fibres that contain split ends or are visibly damaged will not be accepted. While it is not possible to style synthetic wigs as they may melt under heat, you can style a human hair wig freely like you would with normal hair for black women. By doing so, you can also protect your hair from harsh styling chemicals.

Curly wigs for black women

Curly wigs for black women

Thick, full, and voluptuous – who does not love a kinky curly style? We all know that maintaining natural curls can require lots of time and effort; purchasing a curly wig, however, would be a major time saver! Without spending extra money on specialized hair care products and going through extensive hair care routines, you can enjoy wearing healthy curls every day.

Lace frontal wigs for black women

Lace frontal wigs for black women

This type of wig features a frontal hairpiece with hair bundles attached. A frontal hairpiece has a strip of lace typically sized 13x4 inches that covers your full hairline from ear to ear. Hair bundles are then sewn onto the strip to complete a full wig. Because the frontal hairpiece covers the full hairline, it is a good fit for people who are concerned about receding hairlines. Lace frontal wigs are special in that they can reproduce a soft, natural hairline and allow you to part your hair in the front in nearly every way. From ponytails to buns, you can wear a range of different hairstyles whenever you want. The versatility and freedom lace frontal wigs for black women offer are what sets them apart from other wigs. The lace layer underneath is light and breathable. They are best for hot, steamy summer days.

Short hair wigs for black women

Short hair wigs for black women

Going short does not mean losing style. From straight edge cuts to chaotic and juicy Jheri curls, short hair wigs can be equally stunning as long hair wigs. There is no need to go to a stylist. Simply tuck your hair under the wig and you are good to go! The best thing is that nothing is permanent – you can always switch to a long, flowy hairstyle the next day if you change your mind.

Bob wigs for black women

Bob wigs for black women

Thick, black bobs are excellent hairdos for short hair and complement all face shapes. A classic bob is normally a single length cut. This timeless style adds visual volume to your hair, achieving a full and shiny look. There are many variations to the classic bob; some prefer sharp, accurate cuts while others prefer softened, feathery trimming at the ends. Curly, layered, and asymmetrical bobs have attracted lots of attention too. However, bob haircuts do make imperfections such as split hair ends very noticeable, so many may refrain from choosing this style if they have damaged hair. There is no need to be concerned if you are wearing a bob wig though. With proper maintenance, your wig will always show off a perfect bob!

Braided wigs for black women

Braided wigs for black women

Braids are the most popular go-to styles for all black women with natural textures. There are many trendy braiding styles to choose from: microbraids, fishtail braids, blocky braids, tree braids, French braids and so on. Achieving a quality braid style can be very time consuming – it can take more than six hours to complete. They often last for only six to eight weeks, so you would have to braid your hair periodically. Why not consider wearing a braided wig? You can wear your favourite braids without committing hours of hard work. After all, changing your hairstyle should be a fun experience, not a tedious task!

Gray Wigs for black women

Gray Wigs for black women

Refined and elegant, gray wigs come in various shades and styles. They can be worn by anyone at any age. Most importantly, wearing a coloured wig will protect your natural hair from exposure to harsh dyes and bleaches.  You no longer have to worry about dry, brittle hair or unhealthy split ends. You can show off your brilliant gray hairstyle any place at any time!

There are many gorgeous wigs to check out at Aligrace hair!

Now that you have an idea of what types of wigs you are looking to buy, you are probably looking for a quick and easy way to purchase top quality wigs. Aligrace hair is a great website to look into. All of their wigs are made out of 100% virgin human hair with hypoallergic swiss lace bases. There is a wide selection of colours and styles to match your tastes! Shipping time is usually between 4 to 7 business days. Prices are cheap and affordable; there are always sales and coupons on the website to save you some cash. If you change your mind within 7 days after purchase, you can always return or exchange your wig. With so many positive 5-star comments on their products, Aligrace will offer you the best shopping experience for your dream wig.




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