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A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Human Hair Wigs

A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Human Hair Wigs

A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Human Hair Wigs

If you are new to the world of human hair wigs, you may be feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. At Ali Grace, we know that wigs can be confusing, especially if you have never encountered or experienced wigs before. Whether you are starting from scratch or moving on from synthetic hair wigs, our team has you covered. In this short guide, you will learn how to choose a human hair wig that works perfectly for you.


What hairstyle do you usually wear?

The first step to choosing a human hair wig is to pick a cap construction. It is crucial to pick a cap construction that works for your hairstyles, as some will not allow you to accomplish the one you prefer. If you wish to have high amounts of hairstyle versatility, consider a lace frontal 360 or 360 lace wig. It will allow you to pull off low and high hairstyles alike, without letting your wig be detectable. If you prefer low hairstyles, you can opt for lace part wigs, lace closures, lace frontals, or headband wigs.


What is your ideal hair type and grade?

If you are planning to choose a cap construction that lets your natural hair come through, you may wish to choose a hair type that closely resembles your own. If you have no such intentions, you can choose any hair type and grade that you feel comfortable with and love the look of! Brazilian human hair is an excellent choice for people who prefer thick, and high-density hair. Peruvian hair is perfect for those who wish to have thick and shiny hair. Malaysian hair is a great choice for those who want maximum softness and silkiness.


When you are choosing a human hair wig, be sure to verify the hair grade before checking out. At Ali Grace, we value high grade hair as it means all the hair is from the same donor. Since this is the case, the hair will all react the same way in texture styling, hair styling, and color changes. It will also be less prone to shedding, and less likely to tangle or mat over time. We will indicate that our wigs are above 12A grade on our product descriptions or directly state the hair is all from one donor.


What hair texture is the most appealing?

Here is the most fun part of picking a human hair wig! Choosing the hair texture! Since our wigs are made with high-grade human hair, you can expect our hair textures to be uniform across the whole wig. Choose from straight, body wave, kinky curly, deep wave, loose wave and water wave to achieve the look of your dreams.


How long do you wish your hair to be?

Hair length is another thing to consider when personalizing your wig. The easiest to style, maintain, and install will always be our shorter lengths such as bobs or pixie cuts. That said, if you dream of gorgeous, longer lengths, we carry up to 34-inch long wigs!


What hair color fits you best?

At Ali Grace, most of our human hair wigs are 100% virgin human hair meaning they are unprocessed and undyed. However, we also offer carefully colored wigs. Choose from natural tones, expressive pigments, stunning Ombres, and eye-catching highlights.



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