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Are My Hair Extensions Human Hair or Synthetic?

Are My Hair Extensions Human Hair or Synthetic?

When you are purchasing hair online, it is natural to be cautious and concerned that you may not be buying a high-quality product. If you have purchased human hair extensions, they are typically more expensive than their synthetic alternative because they are made up of real human hair sewn into a hair piece. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are made up of fibers.


There have been many advancements, especially in the last few years, when manufacturing synthetic hair extensions and wigs. At times, they can be almost indistinguishable from real human hair. Since this is the case, you may want to verify that your human hair extensions are actually made up of human hair rather than synthetic hairs. Follow along with our brief guide to understand how you can check easily:



One of the most common methods of testing your wig or hair extensions is to cut a small piece of hair off, and burn a strand of hair. If it is synthetic, it will slowly melt, give off a distinct smell of burning rubber or plastic, and produce black smoke. If it is human hair, it will immediately catch fire and curl backwards. It should be easy enough to perform this test, as most people prefer to trim their hair extensions in any case.


Checking the Texture

If you look at your own natural hair, you can note that every strand is not the same. Some of your strands may be wavy, some of them may be straight at the top and crinkled towards the bottom, and some may be curly while others wavy. Likewise, when you purchase human hair extensions of wigs, every strand should not be uniform; this is even more true if you have chosen a lower grade of hair (more likely to be from different donors). Conversely, synthetic hair is typically all the same since it is produced similarly.


Looking for Chemical Residue

If you have opted for 100% virgin human hair, the hair should be chemical and dye free. In order to verify this, you can wet the hair and gently massage a neutralizing shampoo into the hair. If the hair turns pink, there have either been chemicals added to the human hair or it is synthetic hair.



Human hair does tangle, but not nearly as often or excessively as synthetic hair! Synthetic hair has a knack for becoming messy and tangled incredibly quickly, even just from carrying it around. If you find that your extensions tangle often, you may just be dealing with synthetic hairs.


Texture After Washing
If you let your natural hair air-dry, you will probably notice a slight wave or kink, if not full-blown waves and curls, when it dries. Likewise, with real human hair extensions and wigs, the hair will dry with slight waves. If it remains pin-straight, it may be a good indication this is synthetic hair.


Fortunately, when you order wigs or extensions from Ali Grace, you can rest assured you are getting exactly what you are paying for! We commit ourselves to providing high-quality, 100% human hair at affordable prices. Yet, if you are still a bit cautious, you can definitely try these tests for yourself!



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