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Beat the Summer Heat with a Lace Wig

Beat the Summer Heat with a Lace Wig

Beat the Summer Heat with a Lace Wig


Summer is the it-season of the year. You’ll be spending more time outside, soaking up the sun, spending time with friends, and enjoying summertime activities. You absolutely want to look your best for these fun times and you may be eyeing a particularly stunning wig for many occasions. However, summer brings with it an often unbearable heat which makes it difficult to wear a wig. Traditional, real hair human wigs often become heavy, hot, itchy, and downright uncomfortable.

While most wig wearers recommend synthetic wigs during the summer months, realistic synthetic hair wigs are hard to come by and they are extremely expensive. Fortunately, there is a beautiful, real hair wig alternative that will keep you cool and refreshed in the summer heat: lace wigs.


How Do Lace Wigs Keep You Cool in Summer?

Lace wigs are made with a thin, sheer lace as a base. Since they are composed of high-quality fine lace, they are not only lightweight, but they are also incredibly breathable. Rather than dealing with a buildup of sweat and oils under your wig, your scalp and hair will be able to breathe through the wig. You will benefit from natural airflow, minimizing and even eliminating any discomfort due to heat.


How Are Lace Wigs Better Than Synthetic Wigs in Summer?

It is common to see synthetic wigs recommended for the summer, over traditional, real-hair wigs. Lace, real-hair wigs are superior to synthetics in the summer for many reasons:

  1. They Are Realistic: Most inexpensive, synthetic hair wigs do not look realistic. Some synthetic hair does look completely real, however, these types of wigs often cost well into the thousands. Lace wigs with real human hair look like natural hair growing out of your scalp. Since the lace is so sheer, it can blend into your hairline easily. Furthermore, real human hair is healthy and gorgeous.
  2. They Are Beautiful: High-grade real human hair and high-definition lace bases are how Hollywood stars and influencers achieve such gorgeous looks. With shiny, soft, and silky lengths, no one will be able to tell that it isn’t your real hair.
  3. They Require Little Styling: At Ali Grace, we pride ourselves on creating lace wigs that take the hard work out of styling. Many of our lace wigs already are pre-plucked and have baby hairs all around. Along with sheer lace and real human hair, they require little effort to style realistically and install easily.
  4. They Are Easy Maintenance:Traditional wigs are not preferable in the summer because sweat and oil build-ups make their way into the hair. This does not occur with synthetic hair. However, synthetic hair is incredibly hard to maintain due to tangling and shedding. With lace wigs, you do not need to worry about sweat and oil buildup. Additionally, washing and air-drying lace wigs are easy and tangle-free.




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