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Deep wave wigs 101

Deep wave wigs 101

Looking for a hairstyle that is shiny and voluptuous? Brazilian deep wave may be the right choice for you! This hairstyle features “S-shaped” curls that are tighter than loose waves or body waves, creating a thick, healthy, and luxurious look that complements your features nicely. Pretty as it may be, you are probably wondering how much time and effort it takes to maintain this truly unique style You may even have concerns about the chemical or heat damage to your natural hair. Thankfully, there are ways to achieve the glorious look without all those worries – simply purchase a deep wave wig!


Deep wave wigs


Deep wave wigs are made out of 100% human hair and can be worn over your own hair to create a naturally beautiful deep wave style. Instead of directly styling your hair, you can style the wig, thereby minimizing damage from chemicals and heat to your natural hair. This way, you can change your hairstyle however you like without worrying about excessive hair care expenses. The versatility and convenience deep wave wigs offer are absolutely irreplaceable. Imagine if you can roll out of bed and quickly fix up a curly bun on your busiest mornings. This is what hairstyling should be: fun and hassle-free, not labour-intensive and draining. 


There are different variations of deep wave wigs

Deep wave wigs are usually made up of 100% human hair. There are lots of options out there. Having a wide selection is good, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, we are here to help you choose the perfect wig!

 Deep wave wigs


Deep wave lace closure wigs have 2 components: a closure hairpiece and additional hair bundles that are attached to the hairpiece. A closure is typically sized 4x4 inches with a lace base and covers the middle, front “horseshoe” zone of the head. This hairpiece creates an illusion of a natural, seamless hairline. The lace material allows more airflow to your scalp, making the hairpiece comfortable even during the summer. 3 or 4 hair bundles can be attached to the closure piece to form a full, luscious wig. 


Deep wave wig


Deep wave lace frontal wigs include a frontal hairpiece and additional hair bundles that are attached to the frontal piece. A frontal, like a closure, also reproduces a soft, beautiful hairline with comfortable lace material. However, a frontal has a strip of lace typically sized 13x4 inches that covers your full hairline from ear to ear. This type of hairpiece is best for customers who wish to cover up receding hairlines. Frontals are also much more versatile than closures. Note that because closures only cover a square-shaped area on the head, there is a smaller amount of working space and hence less freedom as to how you can style your hair without exposing the tracks underneath. Frontals cover a larger portion of your head, so they offer the possibility of a larger range of different hairstyles. Because deep wave lace frontals are produced with more material, they tend to be more expensive than closure wigs.


In summary, when choosing between a frontal vs closure wig, you need to consider what types of hairstyles you like and how much are you willing to invest in the wig. If you prefer more versatility and enjoy wearing hairstyles that require you to pull your hair back, then a deep wave lace frontal wig would be the better choice for you. If you are on a tight budget and know you only like specific hairstyles, then deep wave lace closure wigs would be the way to go. 

 Deep wave wig

Now that we have discussed the two types of wig structures, we are going to move onto two variations of deep wave hair bundles that make up the wig: loose deep wave and 613 deep wave

 A loose deep wave is different from a traditional deep wave in that the curls are less tight and look more flowy. They are great for people who enjoy being a little different from the crowd of deep wave wearers. 

 If you want to stand out even more, wearing 613 deep wave hair will for sure make you shine. While most deep wave hair bundles are black, 613 deep wave hair is brilliantly blonde. This makes it possible for you to enjoy a vibrant hair colour without bleaching your natural hair.

 Both types of hair bundles can be found as components of frontal wigs, closure wigs or simple hair extensions. You can choose whichever combination of wig structure and type of hair that suits your tastes.


How to maintain a deep wave wig?

There are a couple of things to take note of to ensure your deep wave weave always looks gorgeous and shiny. 

Combing: Do not use regular brushes for your deep wave wig. Use a wide finger comb only. If you happen to encounter stubborn tangles, spraying some leave-in conditioner will do the trick.

Washing: It is recommended to use a pre-conditioning treatment before shampooing to reduce the amount of drying. Use a generous amount of moisture-rich conditioner and distribute the conditioner through the hair in a downward motion with your fingers. Wrap your hair with conditioner for at least 10 minutes for the optimal effect. After washing the wig, do not shake it or rub it with a towel. Never wring your wig dry. This may distort the shape of the base. Carefully dry it piece by piece to avoid fibres falling off from the base. Try not to style your weave when it is wet because you may inadvertently cause damage to its hair.


Now that you have learned all about deep wave wigs, it is now time to purchase your own! 

Aligrace specializes in producing a range of different wigs. Its deep wave lace frontal wig features Swiss lace material as its base and high-quality 100% human hair. The lace material is stretchable, breathable, and comfortable. The cap is designed to suite any type of head shape and size with the option of special customization. You can choose the desired hair length anywhere from 12 to 30 inches. The price is affordable, and shipping only takes up to 5 business days. With so many positive 5-star comments on Aligrace’s deep wave wig products, customers around the world are absolutely in love with them.

You can definitely find the perfect wig for you on Aligrace!



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