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How-To Guide: Picking the Right Wig Color

How-To Guide: Picking the Right Wig Color

Some women have a natural intuition about choosing the perfect wig colors right off the bat, but for others, it is challenging to understand if a certain wig color will look right on you. At Ali Grace, we desire all our clients to walk away completely satisfied with their wig choice and feeling confident and beautiful wearing it. Our experts have compiled a short guide to picking the perfect wig color for you so you can achieve the gorgeous look of your dreams.


Think About Your Skin Tone

One of the most significant ways to see if a hair color will look beautiful on you is to match your skin tone with the look you wish to achieve. For instance, if you wish to bring out the youthful glow of your face, you may choose a lighter hair color than your skin tone. If you prefer to achieve a more dramatic, contrast look, you may opt for a darker hair color. For a natural look, it is important to choose a shade either two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. Yet, if you desire for a daring look, all rules go out the window!


Look At Your Eye Color

Eye color also plays a great role in determining the perfect hair color for your wig. Hairdressers and wig experts alike suggest that if your eyes are a light brown, hazel, or green, you should opt for darker, redder, or golden brown hair colors. People with dark brown, darker blue, or blue-gray eyes should opt for natural black, brown, or blonde shades.


Consider The Venue

Since you are choosing a wig, rather than a permanent hair color, you can adapt your wig to meet the changes in your environment. While your corporate career may demand a natural hair color, your nights out with the girl may allow you to try a more daring or bold hair color!


Don’t Forget about Personality

Hair color can reveal a lot about a person, and you do not want to let your personality fall to the wayside when you are selecting the perfect colored hair wig. For instance, if you are a fun, energetic, passionate person you may wish to choose a hair color that reflects that; perhaps a high-contrast color or bold highlights!


Don’t Settle

While you may not find the exact hair color you are looking for in a wig, you do not have to settle for a color you do not like! You have the option of choosing a 100% unprocessed virgin hair wig which will allow you to bleach, dye, and process the wig to your ideal color. It is important to choose virgin hair for this process, since you need to know that each section of the wig will develop to be the exact same color. If you opt for processed hair, it will be harder to achieve a uniform color and sometimes, completely impossible!



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