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How to Wear a Wig Every Day and Prevent Hair Loss

How to Wear a Wig Every Day and Prevent Hair Loss

If you wear a wig on a regular basis, or you are planning to wear your wig every day, you may be concerned that you could do damage to your natural hair or cause hair loss. Although improper wig wearing can lead to hair loss, if you are taking the proper steps to ensure your scalp, hair, and wig are taken care of, then your natural hair will be as beautiful as ever and may even grow longer! At Ali Grace, we want to make sure that you are equipped with all the necessary knowledge for protecting your natural hair and letting it grow underneath your wig. Take a look at our expert, top tips below:


1 ) Choose The Right Size Wig

One of the main issues that does cause hair loss is the wrong size wig. When a wig is too tight, it will not allow your hair and your scalp to breathe adequately. Moreover, it will cause strain on your roots and hairline, leading to breakage. Likewise, a wig that is too loose will promote sliding and friction throughout the day, leading to scalp irritation and hair breakage. It is incredibly important to take your head measurements carefully and choose a wig that will fit you perfectly. At Ali Grace, we have many measurement choices that will fit your unique needs. Furthermore, most of our wigs have adjustable straps which will allow you a custom fit.


2) Take Care of Your Natural Hair

When you are first installing your wig, rather than securing your hair in a low ponytail or bun, you may wish to braid your hair into a protective hairstyle. Although it may take time, it will help your hair in the long run, especially if you plan on wearing your wig on a consistent basis.


Prior to braiding your hair, you should make sure to have necessary moisturizing products and hair oils on hand. You can moisturizer your scalp to prevent a dry and itchy scalp, and hair oils will hydrate your stands and prevent breakage. Accordingly, another one of our top tips is to ensure your braids are not too tight. They should be tight enough that they are secure, yet loose enough that they are comfortable.


3 ) Don’t Sleep In Your Wig

Sometimes when you get home from a long day, you may forget to take off your wig just like you can forget to take off your makeup. However, just like makeup on your skin for a long period of time can lead to breakouts or skin irritation, leaving your wig on for too long can cause issues. Furthermore, if you toss and turn during your sleep, you may cause damage to your scalp and roots.


4 ) Don’t Adjust your Wig Constantly

If you have a wig that fits you properly, you will not need to readjust on a constant basis throughout the day. The friction from sliding and adjusting can cause damage to your scalp and hair in the long run.




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