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The Importance of Buying High Quality Hair

The Importance of Buying High Quality Hair

At Ali Grace, we know how important it is that you can achieve the hair of your dreams. One of the most significant factors involved in creating a beautiful, uniform look is to purchase high-quality hair.


You may have seen social media hacks or even hair professionals take a cheap, synthetic wig or low-quality real hair wigs and turn it into a decent wig. Yet, don’t let the magic fool you! The process is not only difficult, lengthy, and expensive, but your results can vary depending on a multitude of factors. It is much better to invest in a quality wig. Let’s explore the reasons why!


1 ) Quality hair is more realistic looking

High-quality real human hair always looks flawlessly realistic. On the first hand, all the hair is collected from hair donors who have never chemically dyed or processed the hair. Since this is the case, it will be soft, silky, smooth, and fall and bounce just like natural hair does. On the other hand, they are composed into wigs, weaves, or extensions with the utmost care. For instance, if you purchase a high-quality lace wig, you benefit from natural looking hairlines and baby hairs. Low-quality wigs will never have the same amount of detail.  


2 ) Quality hair reacts uniformly

When you invest in premium wigs and extensions, they are generally high-grade human hair. When it is marked as high-grade, this means there is a high likelihood that all the hair came from the same hair donor. Since this is the case, you know that all the hair will react the same to any wash and dry process as well as any color dyes or styling you may want to do.

3 ) Quality hair lasts longer

Although top-grade hair can be more expensive, they are actually cheaper in the long run. If you have to replace low-quality hair pieces every two months, you are not truly saving money. When you buy quality hair, you may only need to purchase a new one every year or two years.


4 ) Quality hair makes you feel more confident

If you are wearing wigs or extensions, we know you are doing so to complete your gorgeous look or create a simply stunning YOU! When you purchase a low-quality wig or extension, you may worry about how it looks, if people can tell you are wearing a hair piece, amongst other important concerns. Fortunately, when you choose a high-quality hair piece, you can be confident your hair is picture perfect.


5 ) Quality hair is easy to care for

When you have a low-quality hair wig or extensions, maintenance may be a chore. When you first received your hair piece, you may have done a significant amount of work to make it look realistic. Yet, when you need to wash or dry it, you may have to start from scratch. Conversely, with high-quality hair, you can simply wash gently, let it air dry, and wear it the next day.



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