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Try Lace Wigs Over Traditional Hair Extensions for These 4 Reasons

Try Lace Wigs Over Traditional Hair Extensions for These 4 Reasons

When you are considering trying a new hair product, it can be daunting to browse your options. As each type of product has its own unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, it can make it even harder to decide. One of the most common dilemmas is the choice between hair extensions and wigs. Fortunately, our experts at Ali Grace are knowledgeable and qualified to help you with all your hair decisions. We are one of the leading suppliers of beautiful, high-quality wigs for a reason after all!


Hair extensions have been one of the most popular types of hair products for decades, but lately, premium quality lace wigs may be taking over as first place options. There are numerous reasons for this occurrence:


1 . Lace Wigs Prevent Hair Loss

Hair extensions can be difficult to install in your hair properly, which is why it is always recommended to have a professional perform the installation. If they are not installed perfectly, and if they are neglected at all when you have them in your hair, you can suffer serious hair damage. When you take them out of your hair, you may notice thinning hair, hair loss, or bald patches where hair extensions were too heavy for your hair, sewn too tight, or glued inadequately. On the other hand, lace wigs are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. If you place your hair in a protective hairstyle underneath a lace wig, you will not damage your hair and moreover, you may be able to promote healthy hair growth.


2 . Lace Wigs are Affordable

Many hair extensions may cost similarly to a lace hair wig, but once you add in professional installation, maintenance, and regular replacements, the total costs can go up significantly. If you invest in a high-quality wig, such as those at Ali Grace, you will be handling a durable, long-lasting wig with minimal maintenance. Moreover, at Ali Grace, we regularly have incredible offers and discounts available. During these events, you can save even more off your lace wigs.


  1. Lace Wigs Look Incredibly Natural

If hair extensions are installed correctly and maintained well, you can achieve a beautiful, natural look. However, many women do not have the time or funds to keep up with the maintenance. Often, hair extensions will become tangled easily if they are not cared for. These circumstances can be hard to correct on your own. Conversely, our lace wigs are made of superior swiss lace, 100% human hair, and come complete with a natural looking pre plucked hairline and baby hairs. Unlike extensions, real human hair does not tangle easily unless mishandled. Lace wigs are also simple to install, and do not require constant, costly maintenance.


  1. Lace Wigs are More Versatile

Hair extensions are an excellent idea if you can color match the extensions with your own hair. If you opt for a lace wig, you can choose any length, style, color, texture, and volume. In these ways, you may receive a more personalized look with our lace wigs. Check out our amazing Ali Grace selection for yourself!




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