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10 Tips for Keeping Your Human Hair Wig in Good Condition

10 Tips for Keeping Your Human Hair Wig in Good Condition

If you have recently received one of our Ali Grace high-quality human hair wigs, you may be impressed by the lusciousness, softness, and shininess. You may be wondering how you should take care of your new wig such that it maintains that look and feel for a long time. Our experts understand that it isn’t always easy to find comprehensive human hair wig care and maintenance tips. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the 10 best methods of keeping your wig in peak condition.


1 ) Make Sure Your Wig Fits Properly

When your wig doesn’t fit properly, you will constantly be readjusting your wig throughout the day or night which can damage your wig overtime. Take your time when measuring your head and matching them with the available sizes of wigs when selecting and purchasing your wig.


2 ) Wear Your Wig Less Often

If you wear your wig every day, you may wish to purchase more than one. Women who wear the same wig every day tend to neglect regular wig maintenance, because they do not have the time to let their hair rest and air dry after washing and conditioning. Moreover, wearing the same wig everyday cuts its lifespan down considerably.


3 ) Use Special Shampoo and Conditioner

There are special shampoos and conditioners made just for wigs, or alternatively, you can opt for products that are made specifically for the hair type you have selected.


4) Wash Your Wig Carefully

Washing your wig will be different than washing your own hair. You must soak the wig in water with a little bit of shampoo in it, rinse with warm water, apply special conditioner and comb through your wig carefully. Finally, you will rinse the wig with warm water again and let the wig air dry.


5 ) Limit Heat Styling

Although it is best not to use any heat styling on wigs, it is not always possible. Sometimes, you just want to have straight hair or curly hair! Yet, you should use heat protective products and try to keep heat styling to a minimum.


6 ) Never Use Spray

Spray is incredibly hard to get out of a wig, opt for gel on your baby hairs and other methods of taming flyaways.


7 ) Never Sleep in Your Wig

It happens, just like sometimes you fall asleep wearing your makeup. If you do happen to fall asleep in your wig, just remember to brush out the tangles as soon as possible.


8 ) Never Shower in Your Wig

Avoid getting your wig soaking wet as much as possible. While you definitely do not want to take your wig in the shower or the bath, you absolutely do not want to swim with it in a chlorinated pool or take it into the ocean.


9 ) Keep Your Wig Covered when Not In-Use

When you are not using your wig, keep it covered with a silk scarf to protect it from the elements and any friction.


10 ) Never Neglect Your Natural Hair

Whether you keep your hair in a low bun or ponytail, or place your hair in a protective hairstyle underneath your wig, it is important to take care of your natural hair. If you do not wash your natural hair on a regular basis, you may struggle with a dry scalp which causes you to itch and rub your wig. You may also have a build-up of oils and dirt which can damage the lace base.




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