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3 Kinds of Hair We're Currently Obsessing Over

3 Kinds of Hair We're Currently Obsessing Over

3 Kinds of Hair We're Currently Obsessing Over


If you are anything like us, we spend a great majority of our time on our social media accounts scrolling the hot new hair trends. Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest have us drooling over some beautiful styles for summer and we can’t wait to try some of them out for ourselves. Of course, not all of us have the ability to try these styles on our natural hair. Fortunately, Ali Grace supplies an exceptional collection of lace wigs that allow us to achieve the looks easily and effortlessly. We’ll be flawless in no time! Care to join us? Check out these hairstyles we are currently obsessing over and find out how to get the look with a simple lace wig!


Loose Waves with Space Buns



It’s music festival season! For the next few months, we will be spending our days dancing and laughing in the sun with friends and enjoying some special beats. One of the hottest trends to hit the festival grounds will be loose waves with space buns. With this look, you’ll automatically look like you pulled your look together with the help of a Hollywood stylist team. You’ll have pretty, wavy, carefree tresses and cute, little buns to give your look extra volume and extra sassiness!


Short Body Wave



Body waves are always going to be on our top list for absolutely beautiful looks. You can never go wrong with body waves, that is for sure. This summer, opt for a short body wave to play up the fun aspect. The big, relaxed, barrel curls provide elegance and the short bob lifts your face up. Of course, another added benefit is the fact that the short bob and the lace wig bare will help you beat the summer heat in style. Enjoy the lightweight, breathable hair, and go have fun!


Deep Waves with a Headband



We cannot get enough of the California girl look this spring and summer! An easy way to pull the look off is with a deep wave hair texture, giving off the vibe you spent the day at the beach with saltwater waves. Throw on a vibrant headband that matches your outfit, you’re giving off easy, breezy, beautiful. Plus, you’ll never need to spend very long on your hair with a headband wig. You can install this baby in less than two minutes with a practiced hand.


Try out any of these stunning looks or select a different, gorgeous option by browsing our large Ali Grace collection! Take advantage of our exclusive discounts to purchase the wig of your dreams for less!





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