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5 Lace Wig Brands You Can Trust

5 Lace Wig Brands You Can Trust

5 Lace Wig Brands You Can Trust

It can be incredibly difficult to find lace wig brands you can trust online these days. After all, each website seems to claim similar premium features. While we hope you haven’t been burned by retailers before, sadly it is a common occurrence. Many wholesale manufacturers and online shops claim to sell real human hair and deliver synthetic or promise high-grade human hair while in a few days, it is apparent that it is a low-quality, chemically processed wig.


At Ali Grace, we are proud to be one of the few websites that clients can trust again and again. We are only interested in being an honest and transparent brand, displaying our ratings and reviews on every product page, and making sure our customer service team is always there for clients in need. We are committed to maintaining high standards for all our lace wigs, weaves, and extensions. One part of those standards is to always deliver what we say we will. When we promise high-grade, unprocessed, real human hair, you can be sure you will receive gorgeous, high-grade, unprocessed, real human hair.


We believe that client testimonials always reflect the truth about a company and a product. Our team has narrowed down 5 other lace wig brands you can trust, according to their customers. Feel free to check out the following brands and see how they compare to our stunning pieces before purchasing!


Jon Reneau

Jon Reneau is one of the biggest and most popular manufacturers of wigs and other hairpieces. They have beautiful quality wigs, with human hair collections and lace collections. They consistently deliver excellent products and services to their clients. However, their hair products are quite expensive.


Rene of Paris

Rene of Paris offers sophisticated and modern styles for women. They even have premium, synthetic wigs that look incredibly realistic; however, these come at high prices.



Noriko customers consistently rave about their wigs, claiming nobody can tell if they are wearing a wig or not. We consider this a great sign of a wig company, as we too design undetectable, gorgeous wigs. They are also more affordable than most premium wigs!



Envy has a large collection of wigs, and even offers exceptional toppers and add-ons. One of the things that Envy customers love about the brand is its commitment to creating realistic-looking hair. They even have darker root options, just like some women’s real hair.



Gabor is well-known, especially for older women. They provide timeless and elegant wig styles. Their customers love their short hairstyles, letting them be the fabulous women they are even into their golden years.


These wig brands are a few of the most trustworthy wig brands online today! However, one of the only concerns with these brands is that they often lack a diversified clientele. At Ali Grace, we are committed to bringing amazing wig options to black women and people of color. We want every woman to be able to have beautiful hair and feel their best!



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