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5 Need-to-Know Lace Wigs for Vendors

5 Need-to-Know Lace Wigs for Vendors

5 Need-to-Know Lace Wigs for Vendors

If you own your own business, you may be searching for exceptional lace wig manufacturers to meet your needs. Your clients may have precise needs and high standards, demanding the very best quality hair, beautiful wig materials, and excellent construction. Although many manufacturers may charge top dollar for these high-quality lace wigs, we make sure you receive exclusive wholesale prices. Of course, we also include exquisite customized labels, customized bags, and customized packaging just for you.


Considering working with Ali Grace for your lace wigs and other hair products? You may be interested in our best-selling lace wigs. Your clients are sure to love these stunning pieces:


Straight Lace Closure Wig

One of our best-selling lace wigs is this gorgeous straight hair, lace closure wig. A lace closure is a popular choice for many women, as it can easily be installed to close off a hairstyle and bundles can be added for fuller looks. The straight, shiny, soft 100% virgin hair is perfect for anyone who loves healthy hair. Since it comes in length from 10 inches to 30 inches, your clients can enjoy shoulder-length natural-looking hair or luxurious lengths.


Body Wave Lace Front Wig

If your clients are looking for a sophisticated, yet sexy look, consider purchasing body wave lace front wigs. They will enjoy the beautiful, relaxed curls running through their natural-looking, healthy hair. Likewise, they will love how realistic and easy to install the lace front wig is.


Curly Lace Front Wig

Another of our popular pieces is the curly lace front wig. The tight curls are perfect for any woman who loves a natural look yet wants to elevate their beautiful looks. The curls are immaculate, soft, and shiny. Clients can brush through the hair easily, without tangles, for a softer, looser style. Since it is a lace front wig, they will be able to take advantage of a realistic hairline and loose hairstyles.


Kinky Curly Wig

A favorite amongst personal customers and vendors alike, the kink curly wig will make a great addition to your business. Since women are embracing more natural looks, a kinky curly wig is sure to impress. Along with the amazing volume and healthy sheen, this lace wig is so perfect.


Blonde Lace Front Wig

Stocking up on beautiful, blonde lace wigs is always an excellent idea. It is even better if those blonde wigs do not look damaged or dry. At Ali Grace, our high-grade human hair and careful bleaching and dying processes allow all our hair to maintain shine, softness, and health. Your clients will be amazed at how gorgeous they look in these types of wigs, or how much of a wonderful base it is for their dye color of choice.


Don’t see what you are looking for? Consider our private customization service for vendors. We will match photographs of your desired wigs and hair with a beautiful wig!




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