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6 Tips to Help You Buy Your First Wig

6 Tips to Help You Buy Your First Wig

  1. Terms and Features
    First of all, you need to know some relevant terms like silk cap, Remy, synthetic, lace front, etc. These will help you get familiar with the features of a wig.
  1. Try a Wig Fitting

    Many wig shops sell wigs online as well So you can order online. It's better to get a wig fitting to check out various styles to find one suits you best.
  1. Take a Friend with you
     If you are buying at a local shop, take a friend with you. They will give you honest feedback
  1. See your Hair Stylist do More Style
     Just like your natural hair, you can cut and style your artificial hair as well. Therefore, you can
     go to your hairstylist to get a new look often.
  1. Buy More than One Unit
      Like your natural hair, you need to wash your wig regularly. Some people only wear their wigs when going out. At home, they usually take them off. You'd better remove it when you go to bed. Please remember it's important to wait at least 24 hours till wigs fully dry. Take care of it as we talk at the last blog.
  1. Synthetic vs Real Hair
     As a human hair wig, you can cut and style it whenever you want. If you opt for a synthetic 
     product, know that they don't have natural hairlines and can't be restyled or parted.
     However, you can't use any shampoo to wash them.
In short, keep these tips in mind, you can buy your first wig without any worries. Good human wig that can help you feel comfortable and confident.



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