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Ali Grace Hair We Are Together-Please Stay Healty Stay Calm

Ali Grace Hair We Are Together-Please Stay Healty Stay Calm

In AliGrace, we always care about the health, safety, and beauty of our customers and team members. Since the coronavirus situation evolve nationwide. Panic is spreading. Knowing our customers’ concern, we have been taken for the ongoing situation.

Precaution are taken so that you could shop for hair with confidence. All the hair orders processing and shipment are following the strategies and measures recommended by the CDC and public health departments.We’ve been spending a lot on our cleaning and disinfection at all of our locations.As a big and professional company we want to serve customers well as we can and to ensure our employees have a stable working environment.

Finally, we want to remind our customers Just remember that online order is always open and the safest way for you. We do have 7x24 hours online customer service for all the questions and concerns about your order and the products.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you. We promise that we will do everything for a safe shopping experience for our customers. Stay calm, follow the authorities’ instructions. No doubt, the virus will be contained.

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