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Best Hair Care Routine for Curly Hair

Best Hair Care Routine for Curly Hair

Best Hair Care Routine for Curly Hair

Hair care routines for curly hair are growing in popularity all over social media. However, it can be seriously challenging to find a routine that accommodates African American curly hair rather than finer varieties of curly hair. Fortunately, the Ali Grace team is dedicated to studying different hair types, how to style and care for those hair differences in optimal ways, and how to replicate them in our high-quality wigs. Today, we are here to share our best curly hair routine for keeping your hair healthy, shiny, and soft.


1 ) Use a Hydrating Mask

Black hair needs moisture and it needs it much more than other types of hair! Before you plan to wash your hair, set aside a good thirty minutes for a hydration mask. A deep conditioner is going to do the job and make it easier for you to wash, detangle, and style your hair.


2) Shampoo Your Scalp

Some people may not love shampoo in their routine, but it is such a game-changer for dry, uncomfortable, and itchy scalps. Rather than applying a gentle shampoo to your hair and lathering it up, apply it to your scalp and scrub with your fingers. Let the shower water run over your hair, allowing the suds to reach through your lengths. No lathering is necessary!


3) Condition Again!

Now it’s time to condition your hair again! Start about an inch away from the scalp and apply to the tip of your hair lengths. Let that sit for a few minutes but don’t rinse away just yet!


4) Detangle

While the conditioner is still in your hair, it’s time to detangle and de-knot your hair. Depending on how many tangles or mats you may have, this may take a few minutes to an hour. It helps if you have someone else to help you but if not, go slowly and carefully. Finger detangling is the best way to be gentle on your hair.


5) Rinse

Rinse your hair out, add a leave-in conditioner and curl cream, finger curl your hair and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can scrunch your hair and place it up in an old t-shirt for air-dry, natural curls.


Don’t Have Time? Consider a Curly Hair Wig!

Sometimes, we simply do not have the time, energy, patience, or resources to take care of our natural hair and get stunning, beautiful curls. If this is your situation, don’t worry! You can place your hair in a protective hairstyle, and choose from our stunning curly hair lace wigs! Pick from body wave, kinky curly, deep wave, loose wave and water wave to achieve the gorgeous, luscious hair texture of your wildest dreams.



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