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Bob Wigs Are Trending Like Crazy & Here Are My Favorites

Bob Wigs Are Trending Like Crazy & Here Are My Favorites

Bob Wigs Are Trending Like Crazy & Here Are My Favorites


Today, one of our most fashionable and style-savvy Ali Grace team members is taking the reins. She comes into our corporate headquarters everyday looking her absolute best, from head to toe. Her secret? She swears by her signature lace wigs, short bob wigs. Fortunately, she’s going to tell you exactly how she pulls off different looks with the help of select styles. Going for a certain vibe with a short bob haircut? Check out her tips below for guidance or inspiration!



Do you want the perfect, flirty short bob wig? This curly pixie is ideal for a romantic summer evening. Pull together a cute, carefree outfit and pretty makeup for a natural, fun look. The curls are short, shiny, and lush making you look youthful and glowy beyond compare!



Short body waves like this stunning lace wig gives off a fresh, vibrant, youthful charm like no other. When you wear a wig like this, you can pull off almost any outfit. It truly can elevate any style because it’s so bouncy, full, and smooth.



Straight hair can be extremely difficult to maintain on natural black hair. Luckily, a short bob with straight hair is really easy. It doesn’t take very long to install and it never requires much, if any, styling after washing and drying. For a classy, smooth and shiny look, opt for this lace wig. With not a hair out of black, you’ll always look professional and well-manicured.


Edgy but Sweet

Want to achieve that careful balance between edgy and sweet? Try a short platinum blonde lace wig. It’ll be dramatic enough to envibe a strong, confident femme fatale but maintain a romantic innocence. A hard look to accomplish but completely possible with that blonde hue!


Edgy and Bold

Get rid of all the innocence, and just go edgy, bold, and beautiful. Opt for a ginger orange bob or a dark burgundy bob. Pair with a leather jacket and combats or heels but true rocker vibes.



What could be more natural and free than a lace wig showcasing healthy, lucious, full natural-style hair? Select a short bob lace wig with deep curls or these stunning curls. Consider increasing your density for a more voluminous look!



Every woman deserves to feel like she is hot, hot, hot! Did you know you can achieve a total bombshell look without the long tresses? A short loose wave bob is poised, yet effortless in that idyllic way.



Headed to a formal event? You’ll need something for for the red carpet. A sleek and shiny straight hair bob is always an excellent choice but you could also opt for the curly pixie for a more understated look.


No matter which wigs you choose, you can integrate them into almost any outfit and for any occasion. All you need to do is use your imagination! Be sure to choose Ali Grace’s high quality short bob lace wigs for maximum beauty every time.




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