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How do you braid Hair with Closure Wigs?

How do you braid Hair with Closure Wigs?

How do you braid Hair with Closure Wigs?


One of the most common questions that our Ali Grace team receives is how to wear hair properly under our lace wigs. There are multiple ways to style your natural hair in order to accommodate a wig, but one of the most popular ways is to braid your hair. Although many people opt for simply putting their hair back into a small ponytail or bun, it is hard to create a smooth and slick foundation for your wig in this way. Braiding your hair into even braids provides a better base and will achieve a flat, smooth look for your wig. Furthermore, it will protect the hair and it will be easy to maintain as you will have direct access to the scalp to cleanse. In this way, braiding your hair may be a preferable way to wear your hair underneath a wig.


In particular, it may be advantageous to understand how to braid your hair under the lace closure wig. As lace closure wigs are unlike any other wig type, preparing your hair for the base can be challenging. Fortunately, Ali Grace not only specializes in providing premium quality wigs, we also have the expertise to provide proper guidance for wig installation. In the following article, we will discuss the proper method of braiding your hair for a closure wig.


  1. Gather your materials: Before you begin braiding your natural hair, be sure to have all the products and materials you will need ahead of them. At base, you will need a comb or brush, hair ties, hair pins, natural hair oils, hair gel or another edge control product.
  2. Determine your part: Ideally, you should plan exactly where you want your hair part to be. Depending on the type of closure wig you have chosen, this may be on the side or the middle. It is important to part your hairline as far back as the length of closure; for instance, if you have chosen a 5x5 inch closure, the hairline should go back at least 5 inches
  3. Start with a moisturizing product: It is wise to start with a moisturizing product in order to prevent hair damage and dry, itchy scalp.
  4. Divide your hair into two parts starting from your preferred hair part.
  5. Create small sections: After parting it into two large parts, continue to part your hair into smaller, even sections. Be certain to leave hair out for any edges or baby hairs that you would like to show on your hairline.
  6. Choose a braid pattern: There are many different types of braid patterns to choose from. The most common braid pattern for a middle hair part is to simply braid downwards from the hair part towards the nape of your neck and pin if needed. For side-parts, many people prefer to do a beehive pattern, or asymmetrical pattern.
  7. Start braiding: Now you can begin braiding your hair with your desired pattern. It is wise not to create tight braids as this can damage your hair; you can also apply hair oils as you go to lock in moisture. Tie the ends securely with a hair tie such that your braids do not come undone. You can also put gel on the ends, or pin them in the back to secure and smooth them further.
  8. Continue to braid around your head until you are finished.
  9. Finish off your look by smoothing your baby hairs or fixing your hairline how you prefer.



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