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How-To Care for your Lace Wig for Maximum Lifespan

How-To Care for your Lace Wig for Maximum Lifespan

At Ali Grace, we know when you purchase a high-quality lace wig, you want to keep it in the most beautiful condition for the longest amount of time possible. With the proper care and attention, the lifespan of your wig can be extended by over two years. Of course, taking care of a wig does not come naturally. It is definitely a learned process, and our experts at Ali Grace are here to help. Follow along with this step by step guide to find out how to care for your lace wig properly.


1 . Wash Hair with Special Shampoo and Conditioner

You may have learned with your own hair over time that not just any shampoo and conditioner will do. Some types of shampoo and conditioner are either not made for your hair type and texture or they are made with damaging ingredients. Likewise, since lace wigs are made with premium human hair, it is important that you use the proper hair products to maintain their integrity, their shine, and their softness. Furthermore, wig hair is not growing out of your scalp so natural moisture will never be replenished. Therefore, it is important to invest in gentle, healthy cleansers and moisture-rich conditioners.


  1. Wash Your Wig Regularly

How often you wash your wig is just as important as what you are washing your wig with. It is important to perform a gentle wash upon your wig every couple of weeks, as dirt and sweat can begin to build up. Be sure to let your wig air dry after you are done, as heat drying can damage the integrity of the hair and base. Of course, do not wash your wig too much either as this can be damaging as well. You do not need to wash it more than twice a month.


  1. Don’t Expose it to Extreme Heat

If you have ever gone through a period of straightening or blow drying your natural hair, everyday, you will understand how damaging that can be for hair. It is especially true in the case of wigs, as moisture is not restored by natural hair oils. Over time, it will damage the ends and dry out the lengths. Equally important, do not store it near a heater, fireplace, or direct sunlight.


  1. Try Heatless Styling

As an alternative to heat-activated straightening or curling, you may wish to opt for wigs that already have your ideal style. You can invest in a wig that has straight hair, and a wig that has a curl-pattern and switch between them depending on your style and mood. You can also achieve beautiful styles by completing heatless styling. For instance, you can braid wet hair and unravel the braids when the hair has dried. Through this method, you will accomplish gorgeous waves.


5 . When In Doubt, Always Be Gentle

Although it may seem as though there are endless rules and requirements for proper wig maintenance, the main overall message is to always be gentle. It is especially the case with lace wigs, as the lace base is sheer and delicate. For instance, you would not wish to sleep in a lace wig because it may cause unnecessary friction which could damage the base. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to get it wet in a pool or shower, as you may damage its integrity.




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