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How To Choose a Hairpiece that Suits You

How To Choose a Hairpiece that Suits You

Whether you are purchasing a wig, hair extensions, or weaves, it can be difficult to find hair pieces that suit you. There are simply too many factors to consider; it can immediately be an overwhelming decision. At Ali Grace, we do not want you to feel anxious over an experience that can be quick, simple and fun! We also want you to choose and receive a hair profit that you absolutely love and feel comfortable with. We have put together a short guide, such that you can pick the best hairpiece for you.


1 . Choose a Product Type

The first step is to choose the product type that will help you achieve a beautiful look. Weaves and hair extensions give similar results, as they add length, volume, and dimension to your natural hair; the main difference is that weaves are sewn-in while extensions are taped or glued. Wigs may be a better solution for you if you wish to have an easier full-coverage look or if you have damaged or thinning hair.


2 . Pick Human Hair

If you are trying to decide between human hair and synthetic hair, it is best to opt for human hair. Human hair will always be the most natural looking option, blending well with your natural hair or achieving the flow and bounce of real hair. You can also cut, dye, and style 100% unprocessed human hair with ease because you will understand exactly how it will react.


3 . Select a Hair Color

If you are looking for the most suitable hair color and shade, you should always select either your natural hair color or choose a color that is two shades darker or lighter. If you are searching for a more daring color, this will still look amazing if you choose a tone similar to your own hair. For instance, if you have warm-colored natural hair, stay within warm tones.


4 . Know Your Hair Type

If you are choosing weaves or extensions, make sure you choose a hair type and texture that is similar to your own. If you are opting for a wig, you can choose any type or hair you wish. Just make sure you understand how it reacts when washed and dried, and how to style it prior to purchase!


5 . Consider the Length

When you are deciding on length, the main factor to keep in mind is comfort. A long hairstyle can be luxurious, but can you wear it for hours on end without being uncomfortable and weighed down? Would you feel equally as beautiful with a comfortable, short bob?


6 . Always Measure

It is very important to always measure your head before purchasing any kind of hair piece. You want your dimensions to correspond almost exactly to the piece you are purchasing. In this way, you will not only look your best, you will feel comfortable during wear. It will also prevent damage to your hair and scalp in the long term.



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