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How-To Guide: Making Your Wig Look More Natural

How-To Guide: Making Your Wig Look More Natural

At Ali Grace, we are proud of our large selection of natural-looking wigs that help women accomplish stunning, natural looks. From transparent lace bases, to different types and sizes of cap constructions, to 100% virgin processed hair in the best grade, to luscious hair textures, to gorgeous hair colors, we have it all.


Yet, it is also important to know how to style your wig when you receive it so that you can accomplish the ideal look for you. After all, wearing your wig is an incredibly personal experience and falling in love with the final result will depend largely on concealing your natural hair, placing the wig cap, parting your hairline, blending out the hairline, styling it to fit your particular look, and performing regular care and maintenance.


Concealing Your Natural Hair

While many women simply place their hair in a low bun or ponytail, and place their wig over this, the best way to achieve a smooth and even wig is to put your natural hair in a braided pattern. As an added bonus, it will help protect your natural hair and scalp against unnecessary damage.


Placing Your Wig Cap Properly

It is very important to line up and place your wig cap properly on your hairline to accomplish a perfectly natural look. It is also a careful task to make sure all your hair is placed safely under the wig cap.


Parting the Hair

Although it depends on the type of wig base you have chosen, you may be able to custom-choose where you would like your hair parting. If not, you may need to fluff the hair around the middle part in order to make it look more natural.


Blending the Hairline

At Ali Grace, you can select a wig with a pre-plucked hairline and baby hairs all around which lends to the realistic hairline look. That said, you can further style this to meet your personal needs and look. You may wish to trim along parts of the hairline and style baby hairs in order to seamlessly blend everything together.


Styling It

You can easily style your wig at home just as you would with your real hair. Depending on the type of cap construction, you may be able to do loose hair, low ponytails, pigtails, high ponytails, or top knots.


If you would like the VIP treatment, you can go to a professional  wig stylist in order to receive exceptional care and styling. A stylist can trim, cut, color, and style a wig just as they would at a real haircut.


Performing Regular Care and Maintenance

One way to keep your wig looking natural, and beautiful, is to make sure your wig is kept up properly. Every 6-10 wears, or every few weeks, you should give your wig a shampoo bath, conditioning treatment, and let it air dry. Since your wig is made up of real human hair, it is important to perform this step and it will add to your wig’s appeal.




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