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How To: Install Your Three Bundles with Lace Frontal Wig

How To: Install Your Three Bundles with Lace Frontal Wig

Wigs can be confusing, especially when you start to try out different types! If you have just received your lace frontal with three bundles, you may wish to know how you can install it and leave a perfect finish! Fortunately, our Ali Grace experts are skilled and experienced in installing all our hair pieces. We’ve put together this short, yet explanatory, guide so that you can easily install your lace frontal and effortlessly put it in your bundles. See below to gain insights into the process!


1 ) Place Your Hair in Braids


2) Install a Wig Cap

When you install a lace wig, a wig cap is optional. However, when you are installing a lace frontal and bundles, we do recommend using a wig cap.


3) Put Lace Frontal on Your Head

Next, you are going to place your lace frontal wig on your head so you can ensure everything is placed exactly how you want it and that everything will fit properly. You can also use this time to place the lace perfectly all-around your head.


4) Clip Your Wig Hair Up

Clip any hair on your wig up and out of your way. You do not want it to get in your way when you are cutting your lace.


5) Cut Your Lace Around Your Hairline

When you cut your lace, be sure not to accidentally cut any baby hair. Leave a little room so the lace can extend and you can fix it after.


6) Anchor Your Wig with Clips


7) Glue the Frontal and Press the Wig Down Firmly and Evenly

When you glue your frontal, make sure to keep your blow dryer on low and cool to make it tacky before pressing your frontal into it. You can either take your time and clip your wig carefully into the back or sew the frontal down firmly to the braids in your hair.


8) Sew the Wefts into Your Braids

Starting at the nape of your neck, start sewing your bundles into your braids. You will sew through the wefts and into your braids to anchor the wefts. You will continue going up your hair into you reach the frontal.


9) Style the Hair

Luckily, with Ali Grace lace frontals, you do not need to pluck the hairline or place your baby hairs. You can still customize the hairline to suit your needs, but you do not need to do an extensive amount of work.


10) Part Your Hair

You can choose to part your hair where you wish, or you can leave it free-flowing and gorgeous as-is! Either way, you have now completed your look! You may choose to add makeup near your hairline to seamlessly blend your lace into your forehead, however, for many, this is not a necessary step.




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