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How To Wash A Lace Closure Wig

How To Wash A Lace Closure Wig

How To Wash A Lace Closure Wig

The answer to how and when to wash a lace closure wig depends on the material, how often you wear them, and the type of wear and tear they have suffered. If you wear it daily, a wig needs washing every week and use styling tools. Normally, it only needs to be washed every five to ten wears.

You should not wash your wig as often as you shampoo your hair, as too much soap will damage your wig. Also, not enough washing will result in your hair tangling. In a single sentence, a balanced washing with proper moisturizing is recommended to sustain the quality and life of a human hair lace wig.  

Here Are Some Tips For Properly Washing Your Wig.

  1. Make sure the temperature of the water is right. The different opinions on the internet about the water temperature used for washing wigs confuse people.

Here's our opinion:

  • The style will last longer if you use cold water.
  • You can change the style by using hot water.

Warm water melts shampoo and conditioner more readily than cold water, but the ideal temperature should be 77-86°F. If the water temperature is above 86°F, it may damage your wig's cap, and water below 77°F may cause your wig to lose shape.

  1. Wash and condition regularly.Using the same " damage-proof" hair care products you would for your natural hair is the best way to take care of your human hair lace wig. If you're going to apply shampoo to your hair, make sure not to apply it straight to the fibber; instead, add your preferred amount of shampoo to the water as it's filling to create a bubble soaking. Next, moisturize the hair to the in-betweens and ends, avoiding the root area.
  2. Avoid twisting, tugging, or pulling while drying the wig. 
  3. Instead of using the hot air set, use the cool one. You can also air it out on the outside. Make sure the wig is not exposed to direct sunlight.

10 Steps To Wash A Lace Closure Wig

  1. First, fill a bowl or tub or use a sink to fill enough water for washing. 
  2. To get some soapy bubbles, add some wig shampoo to the water during filling up.
  3. Put the wig in the water and ensure it is completely drowned.
  4. To clean the wig cap, soak it in shampoo for about 5-6 minutes, which will help it reach the cap.
  5. Let the dirty soapy water drain from the wig after you lift it out of the sink.
  6. Rinse the wig with clean water after you have used shampoo.
  7. Using a hair conditioner, apply it from the roots to the ends of the hair and let it sit for a few minutes.
  8. Use a leave-in conditioner if you don't want to rinse the conditioner.
  9. Squeeze excess water from the wig hair using a dry towel, do not rub or use force.
  10. Make sure you use the cool air on your hair blower instead of the hot one.

Voila! Here you got your brand-new human hair lace wig ready to dazzle and get into style. 




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