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How To Wear Human Hair Wigs

How To Wear Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are the essential accessories for women. Human hair wigs can extrade humans’ look and produce numerous hairstyles. Women who care approximately their splendor can’t stay with out actual human hair wigs now. Whether you want short human hair wigs or long human hair wigs, you need to recognize a way to put on wigs. Some humans would really like to visit their expert hairdresser for help, that is genuinely a great idea. But there also are many humans experience carrying wigs by themselves. But do you recognize a way to wear human hair wigs? What is the right approach of carrying human hair wigs? We will point out it on this blog.

Preparatory Of Wearing Human Hair Wigs

1, Choosing suitable human hair wigs

Choosing appropriate human hair lace wigs is the primary step. There are  two common used wig types the market: human hair lace front wigs and full lace human hair wigs. Different human beings have different choices for wig types. And there also are many human hairstyles in the market, like short human hair wigs, curly human hair wigs, long human hair wigs, blonde human hair wigs, black human hair wigs, human hair bob wigs, human hair wigs with bangs, colored human hair wigs and so on, you may choose any hairstyle you like.

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One thing should be noted when you choosing human hair wigs, you should choose the right size wig cap, otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable with wigs.

2, Cleaning your own natural hair

 If your human hair is long, you could braid your personal hair, then wrap the braids round your head. If your personal hair is short, you need braid your hair in keeping with the parallel rule. This step can guard your personal hair wigs.

You must pay attention to that your personal hair isn't always wet while you wear your wigs.

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3, Many people have a misunderstanding about washing new human hair wigs

Actually washing new human hair wigs for black women is necessary. Wash it with the proper method, then let it natural withering, you can put wigs on a plastic model head to keep the good style of wigs.

4, Clean your skin around the hairline with a cotton mat soaked in alcohol, or with a cotton pad soaked in soapy water, to make sure your skin around the hairline is clean and oil free. 

5, Apply the scalp protector around your scalp

This can protect your skin from the damage of glue or tape.

6, Wearing a wig cap

A wig cap can join your scalp and human hair wigs, it may defend your very own hair. Pay attention to the wig cap must be made of silk or nylon material, any cotton material can’t be used because cotton material will absorb the water and oil from your hair. Make sure the wig cap will cover all the edge of your head.


How To Wear Human Hair Wigs

1, Apply glue or adhesive tape on your hairline. You can use a little brush smear a thin layer of glue around your hairline, let the glue natural drying or use cool air placing blow dry it, this may need a few time. When you feel the glue will become sticky, it is OK for placing on the wig.

If you use double-sided adhesive tape, you should place and fix the tapes around your hairline, leave a little hole between every single tape. No need to wait for the tapes dry. 

2, Place the front a part of your human hair wigs on your hairline, gently place the the front part to the suitable of your head, ensure different elements of the wig will now no longer contact the glue. Adjust different parts of the wig over your head, after the front part is nicely located on the proper function of the head.

Press the hairline for one minute, then press the rest part of the wig, till the wig is firmly located at your head.

3, Cut the extra lace in the front of the wig

Tie your hair at back with clips, then cut the extra lace in the front of the wig. You should be cautious while you are doing this, you can’t cut more lace at one time, you can’t cut the hair from the wig. You should cut a little at a time.

Styling Human Hair Wigs

The last step is pulling your wig down and styling your best human hair wigs.

You need to adjust the position of the hairline and the dividing line between the hair. You can also use some tools to make a little adjustment of your hairstyle.

Affordable human hair wigs can be curled, colored, permed to any hairstyles you prefer, make sure you use proper tools and taking care of your 100% real virgin human hair wigs well.

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Different from human hair bundles and hair bundles with closure, human hair wigs for sale are the finished cheap human hair wigs, it is not as complex as human hair sew in and bundles with closure sew in, but it also needs the professional skill on wearing.

Do you want to enjoy the fun of install human hair wigs? Please join us, let us see your comments about your experience about how to wear human hair wigs.



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