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Important Features of Human Hair that all Black Women Should Be Aware Of

Important Features of Human Hair that all Black Women Should Be Aware Of

Only up until about a decade ago, high-quality wigs, weaves, and hair extensions for black women were considered luxurious. Nowadays, it is much easier to find premium-level black hair for affordable pricing, especially from Ali Grace where we commit ourselves to high hair standards, top tier wig construction, impeccable pricing, and continuous offers.


That said, it is especially beneficial  for black women to pay attention to certain aspects of human hair wigs, weaves, and hair bundles in order to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. Afterall, black hair can be very different from other types of hair. Our experts at Ali Grace have compiled a list of the most important features for black women to consider when selecting and buying human hair:


Background or Origin

One of the most significant factors in purchasing wigs, weaves, or hair extensions should be to look at where the human hair comes from. At Ali Grace, we specialize in Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, or Malaysian hair. Each hair type has a natural texture and feel to it:

  • Brazilian: The natural texture of Brazilian hair is typically straight or wavy. It is usually coarse, thick, and very shiny.
  • Peruvian: Peruvian hair can be all types of hair textures: straight, curly, or wavy. It is soft and silky, and holds curls very well.
  • Malaysian: Malaysian hair will naturally be wavy. It will also be shiny, silky, and smooth.


Virgin Hair

When you are selecting hair, you may wish to opt for 100% virgin hair. Virgin hair means that the hair has never touched chemicals or dyes. It will generally be easier to manage because you can predict how it reacts to products, heat styling, and dyes with a greater degree of accuracy.



It is an excellent idea to pay attention to the texture of the wig you are purchasing, as you may not understand how to care for the specific style. At Ali Grace, you can select from straight hair, body waves, kinky curly, deep waves, loose waves, and water waves.



When you buy wigs from some companies, the wigs may smell when you first receive them. In these cases, they must air out for several days in order to wear them. You may also need to wash them more than once before the smell goes away. At Ali Grace, we are happy to report that our wigs will arrive free of any heavy scents.


Tangling and Shedding

If you have purchased from other companies in the past, you may be aware that certain companies or suppliers have difficulty providing well-composed and constructed wigs. In these cases, you may have received a wig that immediately sheds or tangles easily. The quality control at Ali Grace is top-notch, so you can rest assured that you will not receive a sub-quality wig.



Black women need to be aware of wig density more than any other group, because black hair tends to be more voluminous and bounce than other types of hair. Since this is true, it becomes more significant to choose a higher density of wig.




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