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Love Long Hair? This Long, Curly Lace Wig is Perfect for You!

Love Long Hair? This Long, Curly Lace Wig is Perfect for You!

Are you in love with long, luscious locks? You should be! Long hair can make absolutely any outfit into a look. With a fire outfit and gorgeous makeup, you are sure to be the most stunning individual for a date night, an evening with the girls, school, or the office. You can even up the ante by opting for a long, curly lace wig which gives off an ideal balance of glamor and whimsy. You may enjoy one of our most popular long, curly wigs: Curly Lace Front 360 Lace Frontal


You will adore this lovely, long curly lace wig for many reasons. At Ali Grace, we want to make sure you get exactly the look and feel you deeply desire, so let’s get into all the reasons our clients choose this wig!


It Is Composed of Beautiful Human Hair

At Ali Grace, we make sure that you receive the most premium hair pieces that will look and feel beautiful for a long period of time. This gorgeous curly wig is made up of 100% unprocessed and chemical free human hair. Furthermore, it is made with 12A grade hair which is one of the highest hair grades available. In this way, you can rest assured all the hair will react the same way you wash, air dry, cut, style, bleach, color, or perm the hair.


It Can Be as Long and Thick as You Prefer

A few of the  greatest advantages of our wigs are that we have a large selection of lengths and densities. With this particular wig, we offer lengths of 12 inches long all the way to 28 inches long. As density refers to the thickness and fullness of the overall hair (not the strands), we offer average volume all the way to glamorous, Hollywood-style volume (150% to 250%).


Lace Frontal Wigs are Excellent

Sometimes, long wigs can be uncomfortable. As this wig is offered as a 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig or a 360 Lace Wig, you can enjoy comfort and simplicity while installing and wearing your wig. As the base is made up of sheer, lightweight, and breathable lace, you can wear this wig all year. However, if you opt for the longest and highest density wig, you may prefer to wear it in the autumn and summer.


It Is Ultra-Realistic

This wig not only has gorgeous hair, it creates an ultra-realistic look. The invisible knots, sheer Swiss lace, custom plucked hairline, and baby hairs all around make it look like you grew the length yourself and maintained silky, soft and shiny hair. Everyone will be impressed! Most importantly, when you wear this long, curly wig, we have no doubt that you will feel like a goddess!




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