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Mid-Year Super Sale Waiting For You!

Mid-Year Super Sale Waiting For You!

Mid-Year Super Sale Waiting For You!

Don’t miss out on our fantastic Mid-Year Super Sale! You can save up to 60% on gorgeous hair pieces, including lace wigs, weaves, and bundles! If you were looking for a sign to buy yourself a fabulous wig just in time for summer fun, this is your green flag. The more you pick out, the more you can save - making it the perfect time to snag that beautiful lace wig and bundle packages to complete your look. You’re looking at a major discount because you can also enter special codes at checkout and garner up to $50 off your entire order. Don’t wait! Check out our sale today!


At Ali Grace, we pride ourselves on creating affordable prices for luxury-level items. Our end goal? To make sure women all over the world, especially women of color, can have access to absolutely stunning wigs. We want to make sure everyone can feel and look their best, no matter what the occasion. Whether it is looking flawless at work, feeling ultra-fine on a romantic date, or just looking good for yourself, high-quality, smooth, shiny wig and full, luscious weaves can help. Site-wide, you have the chance to take advantage of 8% off all items and up to 60% off select items.


Don’t forget to enter exclusive codes at checkout to save even more on your order! This is where the deal gets really good - especially if you want to order a few things for the upcoming year or buy complete bundle sets for frontal closure. We know these items can sometimes add up, so it’s time to pack on the savings. Enter one of the following codes according to your cart amount and watch your total drop:

  • $8 off an unlimited amount with CODE: AG8
  • $20 off any order over $259 with CODE: AG20
  • $30 off any order over $359 with CODE: AG30
  • $50 off any order over $559 with CODE: AG50


Can’t pay for your order now but still really need the items? No problem! We’ve added Klarna.Pay to our system so you don’t have to worry about paying upfront anymore. You can buy now, and pay later courtesy of this helpful program. This allows you to take advantage of exclusive sales such as this out-of-this-world Mid-Year Super Sale! Of course, you can use Klarna.Pay anytime you shop at Ali Grace, but this gives you a once-a-year chance to save on those payments in a huge way!


Check out some of our top-selling lace wigs and other pieces from our main page, and see what other women are picking out right now! Alternatively, you can browse each category if you know exactly what you need to start off the summer right! Don’t forget, AliGrace specializes in fast order fulfillment and shopping times so you should have your order quickly and right on time for those sunny days!




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