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The Benefits of 100% Virgin Human Hair

The Benefits of 100% Virgin Human Hair

If you are looking for a gorgeous, natural-looking wig, you may wish to look into virgin hair wigs. At Ali Grace, we pride ourselves on delivering premium quality wigs to our clients and one of our best methods of fulfilling that promise is by using 100% unprocessed virgin hair. You may wonder what the benefits of a virgin human hair wig are, and if it makes all that much difference if you opt for processed human hair over unprocessed human hair.


What is 100% Virgin Human Hair?

100% virgin hair means that all hair used in your wig of choice is free from color, dye, bleach, chemical treatments, blow-drying, heat damage or steam damage. In other words, the hair is in its original state. Additionally, every hair strand on the wig comes from the same individual.


What are the Benefits of Ali Grace Virgin Human Hair?

There are so many advantageous reasons why you may wish to opt for 100% virgin hair over processed hair or synthetic hair wigs:

  • Since all the hair comes from the same individual, you can rest assured that your whole wig will be the same strength, porosity, texture, curl structure, amongst other important features.
  • Without any chemical processing, natural hair is incredibly smooth and silky in appearance and feel.
  • All the hair is the same color, which means it will look incredibly natural.
  • Since the hair is its natural state, it will be easier to care for than hair that has been processed or damaged.
  • The wig and hair will last longer, as long as the proper care is maintained.
  • Any hairstyle will stay longer than with unprocessed hair, such as curling or straightening.
  • While 100% unprocessed virgin hair is usually the most expensive, Ali Grace has the most affordable wig prices. You can also take advantage of our regular, exclusive deals that will drive our prices even lower.


How To Take Care of 100% Virgin Hair Wigs

While 100% virgin hair wigs may be some of the most easy and simple wigs to take care of, since they are natural hair, they still require regular, attentive maintenance. It is especially true if you decide to bleach, dye, or chemically treat the hair yourself after receiving your wig.


As a general rule of thumb, you should treat the wig as if it was your own hair. You should regularly clean your hair with appropriate shampoo, provide a deep conditioning treatment, apply a protective product if you decide to heat style or blow dry the wig, and apply a silicone treatment if you dye or chemically treat it. Furthermore, it is very important to be careful with your wig when combing out the hair and handling the sheer lace base. In these ways, you will keep your virgin hair wig in the best shape, for the longest time possible. Of course, if you have any further questions regarding our 100% virgin hair wigs, you can contact our Ali Grace experts at any time!



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