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The Difference Between Lace Wigs and Other Kinds of Wigs

The Difference Between Lace Wigs and Other Kinds of Wigs


If you are new to the world of wigs, you may not know that there are different types of wigs available. The two main types are regular or traditional wigs and lace wigs, although there are sub-types under each umbrella. Lace wigs may offer many more benefits over traditional wigs, whether you are a beginner or an expert wig wearer. Let’s look into the main differences between them!


1 ) Cost

One of the biggest differences between regular wigs and lace wigs is the cost. A lace wig will generally be more expensive, as more care is put into the composition. In many cases, a lace wig is hand sewn whereas a regular wig is typically always machine-made. Furthermore, higher quality hair and base materials are used for lace wig construction.


2 ) Hairline

A regular wig is made with a basic cap, indicating a blunt edge hairline. In this way, you will see an abrupt end to your forehead and the beginning of the wig hairline. Since this is the case, you may need to spend more time and energy styling a regular wig to blend your hairline and make it look more like your natural hair. On the other hand, a lace wig is made with a sheer lace base blending in with your natural scalp color and seamlessly moving from your forehead into the wig. Often, the hairline is pre plucked for you and baby hairs are added all around the hairline of the wig. For this reason, many people prefer lace wigs as they have realistic hairlines.


3 ) Durability

Lace wigs are more delicate than regular wigs, as their base is made up of a very thin and lightweight type of lace. While this offers a numerous amount of benefits that regular wigs do not, they must be handled with more care than regular wigs. It can be easier to rip or tear the base if you do not handle and maintain the wig gently.


4) Comfort

A common complaint about regular wigs is that they are heavy and non-breathable. For this reason, many customers will be uncomfortable in regular wigs. Furthermore, if it is a particularly hot day or your hair is wet underneath the wig, you may encourage bacteria and funguses to grow on your hair and scalp. However, if you opt for a lace wig, you can enjoy a lightweight, soft, and breathable material. In this way, your scalp can not only release heat properly, but your wig will not cause damage to your natural hair.


5) Collections

Although many ships may claim that there are larger selections of regular wigs available, this is simply because they stock regular wigs in abundance. There are just as many lace wigs available, in a variety of different textures, lengths, styles, and colors. You can pick up a lace wig to suit your every preference and need!




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