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Think James Charles and His Wigs Are Too Good

Think James Charles and His Wigs Are Too Good

Makeup artist and YouTuber James Charles is well known for his Instagram-ready makeovers combined with stunning hairdos. With the power of makeup, contact lenses,james charles with wig and digital rendering, James Charles has attracted over 25 million subscribers to his channel. At an age of 21, he has received numerous accolades for his achievements on social media, including two People’s Choice awards and one Teen Choice award.

james charles with wig

One of the key components to a magical James Charles look is none other than a wig. In many of his makeup tutorial videos, James Charles has featured vibrant and luscious wigs. Wigs are powerful and versatile tools that can be matched with different outfits and makeup styles. Anyone can wear wigs to perfect a fabulous look. Here are a couple of reasons that you need one:


Dying, bleaching, curling, straightening, and other hairstyling processes can be a huge pain because of how much time they take up. If you are the type who likes to switch up your hairstyle from time to time, it may be very difficult to fit your hair salon appointments into a busy schedule. Think about the extra time and effort put into brushing, combing, washing, conditioning, and other daily maintenance activities as well. These issues are practically non-existent if you choose to wear wigs. On a busy Monday morning, you can just grab your favourite wig and you are ready to go! Want to match your hairstyle with today’s outfit? Just simply pick up another wig. The mix-and-matching experience is super fun and hassle-free!

james charles with a wig


Curling and straightening equipment are rather pricey. Hair dyes and bleaching kits themselves may not be very expensive, but costs can add up very quickly. Keep in mind that your hair will always grow longer. To ensure the hair colour remains nice and uniform, you would need to frequently re-dye your hair. If you decide to visit your local hair salon, costs can ramp up even more! All the money you invest into hair care products for damaged hair is not a small amount either. Although high-quality human hair wigs are not cheap, it is mostly a one-time upfront cost. Caring for your wig is much cheaper than caring for your own hair.


Wigs are the best solution for people who suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, or receding hairlines. They can cover up all those problems while blessing the wearer with voluptuous hair. Wigs can really provide a huge boost in confidence for those who are bothered by hair problems. Anyone can have the same James Charles hairstyle when wearing the right wig!


Sometimes it is difficult to achieve a desired hairstyle because of certain qualities associated with your natural hair. For example, if you are born with very curly hair, straightening your hair may be more of a hassle. If you have dark hair and want to dye your hair a lighter colour, the result may not be exactly how you imagined if the two colours do not mix well. However, if you decide to wear a wig, you can achieve any type of hairstyle you can ever wish for. You will never have to worry about unsatisfactory hairstyling attempts. You can simply custom purchase a wig with your dream hairstyle and immediately show it off to your friends!

james charles with a wig

Prevention of damage

Unfortunately, there are always significant drawbacks when styling your natural hair. The most important one being unavoidable and irreversible hair damage. Harsh chemicals from hair dying and bleaching products as well as heat from curling equipment can all severely damage your hair. They can make your hair dry, frizzy, brittle, and cause split ends. Even intensive haircare routines with expensive haircare products cannot eliminate the adverse effects of styling processes. Wearing wigs can protect your hair from these problems. It completely removes the need of exposing your natural hair to chemicals or heat. If you want to change your hairstyle, just change your wig!

As mentioned previously, wigs can save you a lot of time and money because it requires less upkeep. However, fresh and shiny wigs still need proper maintenance to look as stunning as those worn by James Charles. More often than not, how beautiful your wig looks depends on how you take care of it instead of its inherent quality. To maintain the natural lustre of your new wig, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

It is a good idea to have “off” days

No matter how superior the quality of a wig is, over time, its appearance will gradually diminish. The colour will fade, threads will run, and it will lose its shine and fluff. That is why you should consider rotating your wigs if you like to wear them every day. By wearing each wig less often, you are indirectly extending each wig’s lifespan.

Wash, but not too often

As with your natural hair, washing too frequently can strip away natural hair oils. Washing a wig too often can dry it out, making the hair fibres brittle and frizzy. You should wait a couple of days between washes to avoid this issue.

Do not use too much heat or chemicals

As discussed above, chemicals and heat can damage hair, including those attached to your wig. If you are looking for a certain style to wear, you can purchase a pre-styled wig instead of styling it yourself.

Never sleep or shower with your wig

Sleeping or showering with a wig can result in significant and permanent damage. If you want to maintain the quality and increase the longevity of your wig, please take your wig off when you need to sleep or shower.

Store your wig properly

James Charles and His Wigs

On “off days”, it is extremely important to make sure your wigs are stored appropriately. Keep the wigs in a cool room away from direct sunlight. A humidifier may help if you live in a low humidity environment. It is best to leave your wig on a mannequin head and cover it up with a light cloth to protect it from dust.

Now that you are sure that you absolutely need a wig, you may be wondering how to purchase an affordable one online. Aligrace hair is a great website to look into! Their coloured wigs are made out of 100% virgin human hair with hypoallergic swiss lace bases.

There is a wide selection of colours and styles to match your tastes! Prices are cheap and affordable; there are always sales and coupons on the website to save you some cash. If you change your mind within 7 days after purchase, you can always return the wig with a full refund. Aligrace will offer you the best shopping experience for your dream wig.



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