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Top 6 Lace Wig Colors for Summer

Top 6 Lace Wig Colors for Summer

Top 6 Lace Wig Colors for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching! When that hot weather starts to roll in, the sun starts shining every day, and friends start to ask for more hangouts in the park, at the beach, and on restaurant terraces, you want to look your 100% best. Of course, you may wish to change up your hair color for these occasions. Afterall, it can elevate your new summer style, pull together a pretty look, and help you feel more confident and happy. On top of that, it can also make for beautiful photos for Instagram, or videos for TikTok and YouTube.


When you desire to change your hair color, you may be interested in a particular color or you may be looking for the most popular hues. Our experts crunched the numbers, and we are seeing incredible shades for summer 2022 start to roll in. Let’s take a look at the top wig colors for the season:

Platinum Blonde

Every year, platinum makes the list of the top-rated hair colors for summer, and for good reasons! You may be inspired by celebrities like Beyonce, Ciara, Nicole Richie, Zendaya, Nicki Minaj, amongst many others. They all look stunning in their blonde hair colors and you can too! Going this light on your natural hair may be particularly damaging, but with a wig, you can achieve healthy, shiny, platinum locks easily. Plus, you don’t need nearly as much maintenance!

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blondes mix gold and copper together to create a brilliant blonde shade. While pale skin tones tend to dominate this shade, it can be dramatically beautiful on brown skin tones. Consider purchasing a platinum or white blonde hair wig to achieve the exact hue you wish to have, as some people may prefer more blonde or more copper variations.

Ginger Orange

Ginger orange is a fantastic color for summer and it looks particularly pretty on darker skin tones. It brings out a glow in your smile, cheeks, and eyes that no other hair color can achieve. This warm color can be given front-stage presence with long lengths or be more subdued with shorter cuts or curly textures.

Bright Orange

Bright orange makes a vibrant statement in the summer heat. It looks particularly luscious and bombshell in loose waves. Consider a high density and longer lengths to achieve a more glamorous, voluminous look or tone it down with a lower density. Forget blondes having the most fun, it’s definitely ginger oranges and bright orange haired people that have an absolute blast.

Natural Black

Similar to hot spring colors, natural black hair is a great choice for summer months especially if you choose to go for natural hair textures or shorter cuts. Alternatively, consider a headbag wig with black hair to keep your hair out of your face on balmy, humid days and allow for easy wig installation at the beginning of the outing.




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