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What’s A Good Density For A Wig?

What’s A Good Density For A Wig?

When you are choosing a wig, one aspect that should not be taken lightly is the wig density. The wig density will affect the overall look of your hair, and it is imperative to get it right especially if you are striving for a natural-looking hairstyle. Luckily, the qualified and experienced Ali Grace team is here to help you learn about why density is important and how you can choose the best density wig for you.


What is Wig Density?

Wig density refers to how thin or full your hair will be; although a common conception, it does not refer to how thick or thin the strands of the hair are. Typically, wig density is labeled with a percentage. For instance, you would expect a wig with 50% density to be a low density wig while a 200% density would be a high-density wig. Respectively, the wig would be thinner or more full and voluminous.


Why is Density Important?

Density, or the fullness of your hair, will influence the overall look in multiple ways. If you choose a proper density, it will fit perfectly with your face shape and size, and it will look completely natural. Additionally, if you choose a higher density wig, you may be able to achieve more hairstyles and switch up your looks more often. Furthermore, density is one of the determining factors in how comfortable your wig is to wear all day.


Which Density should I Choose?

One of the best ways to know which wig density will suit you is to evaluate your natural hair. If the volume of your natural hair achieves a desirable effect, you may choose a density that reflects that volume. However, if you feel like it could be more or less voluminous, you can adjust accordingly.


Typically, wigs come in many different densities corresponding with their fullness:

  • 50-110%: An extra light or extra thin density. The lower ends of this wig density are not typically found on the market, as they are not quite as popular. The standard for a thinner hairstyle is between 90-110%.
  • 120-130%: A standard wig density with a natural volume. One of the most popular choices when people are choosing wigs.
  • 150%-180%: A above-average wig density that provides a little extra fullness, akin to shampoo and conditioner commercial stars. This is also a very popular option for anyone who needs a little oomph in their step.
  • 200%-250%: A high-density wig that is incredibly full and voluminous! You will notice 250% densities often on celebrities or influencers.


At Ali Grace, we are proud to offer a wide variety of wig densities for every wig style. In this way, you can custom-design your premium wig in order to fit your needs and preferences. If you are considering an everyday, natural look, it is an excellent idea to opt for a 150%-180% wig density. That said, if you wish to elevate your style, you may opt for a higher wig density.



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