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Why are blonde hair wigs popular? What are the different types of blonde hair wigs?

Why are blonde hair wigs popular? What are the different types of blonde hair wigs?

Blonde Wigs


Women with bright blue eyes and radiant blonde hair have been popular since ancient times. From classic blond shades such as platinum and honey to Champagne blush and Nordic white, blonde hair women attract men of all races. With the development of hair dyes, anyone can pursue a beautiful shade of blond regardless of her original hair colour. If you wish to go blonde but worry about damaging your natural hair or perhaps changing your mind later, wearing a wig can be a great option. Why is that? Read on to learn why wigs can completely transform your hairstyling journey.


Why are blonde hair wigs popular?

Versatility. If you attempt to dye natural hair blonde, you may not achieve satisfactory results if you have darker hair. Wigs can be produced in almost any vibrant blonde shade you can ever wish for. You can purchase a wig in the exact colour you like. No need to worry about how the hair-dying process will work out and be disappointed afterwards. If you decide to go for a different look the next day, simply pick up another wig and rock on. There are unlimited possibilities.

Convenience. Hair dyeing can take a lot of time. This is especially true if you have naturally dark hair colour and need to go through the bleaching process as well. Your hair will always grow longer, and to keep the blonde shade consistent, you need to invest additional time and effort. With a busy schedule, it would be very difficult to commit so much time to maintaining a specific hairstyle. Good news. There is an ultimate solution: wearing a wig! Just put it on and you are ready to go.

Cost. Hair dyeing and bleaching kits themselves may not be that costly. However, costs can ramp up very quickly because you need to re-dye your hair every so often to ensure the blonde colour looks nice and uniform. Although high-quality blonde wigs can be on the expensive end, keep in mind that it is a one-time cost while dyeing natural hair often requires much more upkeep. From a cost-effectiveness standpoint, wigs are great investment pieces.

Prevention of damage. Hair dyeing and bleaching products contain harsh chemicals that may irreversibly damage your hair. Frequently exposing your hair to these products will create notorious hair problems. Split ends, dryness and brittleness are inevitable even with an extensive hair care routine. Wigs can prevent your hair from being damaged since it removes the need of using dyeing or bleaching products. Forget about stressing over frizzy hair. You can wear different wigs of different shades of blonde whenever you feel like it.

Coverage. If you are bothered by hair loss, thinning hair, or receding hairlines, wigs are a great option to cover up all those problems. You can show up to important events with luscious and voluptuous hair no problem!


What are the different types of blonde hair wigs?

When choosing the best blonde hair wig for yourself, there are a couple of different factors to consider.

Long or short blonde hair wigs The more hair you have, the more styles you are open to. Long blonde hair wigs offer more hair styling opportunities. Up-dos, long braids, beachy waves, sassy curls…there are so many options out there for you to explore. That being said, there are certain hairstyles that can only work with short hair. For example, short bobs are cute, classy, and highly customizable. Blonde bob wigs come in different shapes and sizes. Wavey, straight, symmetrical, or asymmetrical, you can definitely find the perfect cut. Here is the best thing about wigs: if you ever have any doubts about whether a certain style, long or short, will look good on you, there is always a quick and easy fix - just switch up your wigs!

Synthetic or human hair: Natural blonde human hair wigs are created from real human hair. They look and feel like your own hair. Synthetic hair wigs are manufactured using artificial fibres that produce an overall appearance and feel of real hair. Since long straight wigs are voluminous, real human hair wigs tend to look healthier and more natural. The hair texture can also be matched to your own hair. With proper care, they last longer than synthetic wigs too. The drawback is their cost. These types of wigs can be more expensive. Certain high-quality synthetic wigs can be almost indifferentiable from real human hair wigs, but they also cost as much as human hair wigs.  

Lace frontal wigs or lace closure wigsLace frontals and closures are both wigs that are composed of special hairpieces with blonde human hair bundles sown onto them. The lace texture underneath the hairpieces creates a soft, natural hairline. The key difference between the two is the size and shape of the hairpiece. Closure pieces are typically 4x4 inch lace patches that are placed in the middle, frontal portion of your head. This covers the “horseshoe” zone in the centre. Frontal pieces are strips typically sized 13x4 inches and cover your full hairline from ear to ear. In general, frontal wigs are more versatile because you can part your hair in the front in nearly every way, allowing for a range of different hairstyles. Because they cover your full hairline, frontal hairpieces are good options for people who suffer from receding hairlines. However, they are usually pricier than closure wigs.


Where to buy blonde hair wigs?

Ready for your own blonde hair wig? Looking for a quick and easy way to purchase top quality wigs? Aligrace hair is a great website to look into. All of their wigs are made out of 100% virgin human hair with hypoallergic swiss lace bases. There is a wide selection of colours and styles to match your tastes! Shipping time is usually between 4 to 7 business days. Prices are cheap and affordable; there are always sales and coupons on the website to save you some cash. If you change your mind within 7 days after purchase, you can always return or exchange your wig. With so many positive 5-star comments on their products, Aligrace will offer you the best shopping experience for your dream wig.



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