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What is a U part wig?

U Part Wig

A U part wig is made of synthetic hair or real hair. The U part wig in aligrace's hair is 100 human hair. Different from full lace wigs or lace frontal wigs, there is a U shape leave out on the forehead. Customers who install a U part wig can fulfill this part with their own hair which creates an invisible and natural hairline.

There are clips and adjustable straps on the back of the U part wig, you can clip it stable and adjust the size to fit your head. Simply install it within 3 minutes, create thick and full hair. You can make your favorite hairstyle by U part wig. You can also choose a square wave, when you are tired of it, you can blend, dye, perm or curl it.

U part wig is one kind of women’s wig, according to the hair texture, you can find Brazilian human hair U part wig, Malaysian hair U part wig, Indian hair U part wig, or Peruvian U part wig. Hairstyles are different, some people like straight wave U part wigs, while others like body wave U part wigs, or curly wave U part wigs.

No matter what kind of wigs you like, you will find the best one for you.


What features of a U part wig?

1. Hair materials are 100% raw hair, there is no chemical process, tangle free, shedding free, glossy, shiny, no lice, and no split.

2. A lace cap with a U shape design, you can leave out your own hair for this part, there is no need for lace closure or lace frontal to sew in. One thing should pay more attention to, you’d better choose the same hair color with your own hair, or dye it to the same color, or it won’t match with your own hair.

3. 5 clips in the wig cap, you can clip the wig on your own hair easily immediately without glue, stable and secure. No harm to your own hair.

4. Adjustable straps on the back of the wig cap. So you can adjust the size of the U part wig, not too tight, nor too loose. Very comfortable!

5. U part wig complete by machine-made, the wig cap is breathable and comfortable. Machine-made hair products reduce the time of production. Customers can get it very fast.

6. Blending perfectly to your own hair, very natural, invisible, and undetectable. Supernatural looking without any harm to your own hair.


How to make a U part wig?

If you want to save time, you can purchase a U part wig from aligrace hair, if you want to make it by yourself, you can purchase hair bundles from aligrace hair also. Here we will teach you how to make a U part wig by yourself.

First, get the length and width of your head, the length should be along with the hairline around your head, the width from the front to the back of your head.

Second, put a wig cap on the stand foam, then leave the U part of the cap.

Third, sew the hair wefts along the hairline you make by the marker. If you want to have thick hair, you can mark a thick hairline, if you want to have thin hair, you can enlarge the hairline.

After you sew all the hair bundles on the hairline, then the U part wig is finished. It is not complex to make a U part wig while purchasing a U part wig can save more time.

Each thing has two sides, purchase a complete U part wig can save time, but do a U part wig by yourself can enjoy the interest in sewing a wig. Different people have different views. We recommend using human hair bundles on making a U-part wig. We all know that human hair wig has more outstanding benefits than synthetic wigs.

What Is A Lace Part Wig?

Normally Hearing or Seeing the word "lace" we usually think of sensitive textile material made with a thread-like look to create a complex pattern that is typically used to manufacture apparel and fabric decor, like curtains, screens, decorations. In the universe of wigs, "lace" applies to a fine, soft net that hairs are independently tied to. The reason why this wig is referred to as a lace part Wig is that the wig forms a "middle part lace" opening which structures your part, the middle part lace opening usually occurs at the top of the wig.

Lace Part Wig
Hairs are exclusively hand-tied & hand-stitched onto the lace front piece to create a more consistent & normal appearance. Lace part Wigs can be styled endlessly from the face because the hairline is almost invisible and the scalp can be seen through the mesh. You can also drag the hair of the wig backward or tuck it behind your ears without the wig cap being seen. This gives you versatility and a very realistic look.

A lace wig cap can also include other types of foundation elements such as a monofilament top, a hand-tied cap, a capless style, or be a classic machine-made cap. Because lace front wigs will give you such a natural-looking hairline, many wig wearers desire a cap that combines a lace front with monofilament or hand-tied cap to get the most realistic look with the most versatility, as these types of caps also allow for the hair to be parted in multiple directions.


What Are The Benefits Of Lace Part Wigs?

* Invisible hairline
When worn properly the result is an undetectable hairline producing the illusion that the wig hair is actually growing out of your own head.

* lightweight
Lace part wigs are normally more lightweight.

* More Comfortable

Ease of use for the consumer. Provides more comfort to the user. Easy to wear and maintain.

* Provides more versatility

Gives more options to style it in different ways for the consumer. It gives an undetectable natural, glamourous look.

Gives solutions to hair related problems like:

Thin Hairline issue

Alopecia, and premature balding.

Hair loss due to chemotherapy

Perfect natural wear for day-to-day usage. and very secure hair wig, made with premium-grade human hair, very easy to wear and use.

Gives a more natural look than any other wigs. It provides a very unique, desirable, and glamorous look.

Many customizable options & Colors are available:

With the option to customize these wigs you can pick from either: natural color, blonde color, ombre color as well highlight color, to better combine with your skin.


It is an increasing trend to wear wigs solely to change up your look. Whatever your wish is for wanting a wig if you want a natural look that gives you unlimited styling options, a lace part wig is your answer.


How To Take Care Of Lace Part Wig?

The lace part section of a wig cap is very critical & delicate. It is crucial not to hold & handle the wig by the lace. Pulling, picking, or tugging on the lace can produce it to rip, so use extra care when altering your wig and always use the ear tabs or side regions of the cap to grasp the wig when putting it on.

Lace part wigs can be cleaned with wig shampoo just like any other wig. You just need to make sure not to grab the wig by the lace or wash the lace harshly when cleaning. Do not put conditioner on the lace, as this can make the hairs come loose. Wig styling products can be used, but when cleaning a lace part wig, we highly advise using a wide tooth wig comb. This type of comb will be the most soothing on the hairs and the least likely to remove the original hairs out of the lace part or damage the lace.


So, If you are facing hair fall issues, you have a hair thinning problem Or you just want a complete makeover & make a glamorous appearance, then visit ALI GRACE  hair store near me.