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A Guide to Outstanding Haircuts and Hairstyles

A Guide to Outstanding Haircuts and Hairstyles

Are you looking to be the next summer bombshell beauty? Do you want to achieve the perfect, pretty style for school or the office? Is a dramatic, daring cut and style calling your name? Ali Grace can help you accomplish the most outstanding haircuts and styles without causing any damage to your natural hair, creating  a permanent change you might want to change a month from now, and breaking your bank account.


We offer wigs and weaves made with 100% unprocessed and untreated virgin human hair and exceptional compositions such that you can receive a completely natural look. Furthermore, if you are looking specifically for wigs, look no further; our lace base wigs are completely invisible meaning you can have a natural-looking hairline. Everyone will believe that you went to the salon for a fresh new do. Yet, before rushing off to browse our stunning selection, you may wish to know the most significant steps to choosing the best haircut and hair style for you:


Consider Your Face Shape

When you are deciding on a hair length, you may wish to consider your face shape in the decision. Your haircut should flatter your face shape and emphasize the amazing features of your face such as high cheekbones, round cheeks, full lips, or expressive eyebrows.  

  • Oval: Oval shapes are typically considered the most desirable face shape as they work with most haircuts. You can usually choose from any type of haircut if you have this length and totally get away with it!
  • Square: Square shapes should have soft edges or layers to frame the natural angles of the face. You may enjoy medium-long, wispy layers.
  • Round: Round shapes will benefit from any lengthy haircut that draws the eyes to see lengths rather than widths. A long bob, for instance, should look amazing.
  • Heart: Heart shapes typically look lovely with bangs and shorter haircuts to display the highlights of the face like the cheeks.
  • Diamond: Diamond shapes should keep it short with face-framing layers to show off their angled cheekbones.


Choose a Hair Texture that is Manageable

One of the most important aspects when choosing a hair texture is to choose one that you can care for with ease including washing, combing, and styling with the right products. At Ali Grace, we have a large selection of options: straight, body waves, kinky curly, deep waves, loose waves, and water waves. Although they are all beautiful, you have to be able to upkeep the softness and shininess.


Select a Wig that Accommodates your Typical Hairstyle

A significant consideration that often goes overlooked is how you plan to style your hair on a daily basis; you need to choose a wig base that accommodates that kind of hair style. The wig base that allows you to accomplish the most hairstyles is the 360 Lace Wig or the HD Lace Wig whereas if you typically wear your hair down or in low ponytails or buns, you can choose from lace front wigs, full lace wigs, or lace part wigs.




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